Top 75 of the Nineties

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Full disclosure: in the mid-90s I did a tropical Latin music show on WPFW-FM so I wasn’t paying attention in those years to Anglo-American music, and in the late nineties I had a kid and was too exhausted to keep up, but in the mid-00s, I did go back to fill the gaping lacunae. I’m sure I missed some major tunes, so feel free to let me know what they are.

Rhonda's Top 100 Songs Of The 1980s

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Ah, the 1980s…foremost was the effect that the economic policies of Margaret Thatcher had on British bands, epitomised most obviously by the Specials’ “Ghost Town” and less obviously by a slew of other songs

Rhonda's Top 100 Songs Of The 1970s

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Putting together this list was MUCH harder than I expected. This was the decade when I went to both high school and college and began a career in the music biz, and music was a constant. So I focused on the songs that really meant something to me over the years versus what seemed historically “important.”