Babetown Covers A Ryan Adam’s Album In the Style Of Taylor Swift

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I don’t know how long this is gonna last, it seems to be an endless joke inside a joke! You probably remember that Taylor Swift released an album entitled ‘1989’ in 2014, and that it didn’t took very long for Ryan Adams to release an album of covers of the ‘1984’ songs, with the Smiths for inspiration. Taylor was very flattered and she and Ryan may have had a little romance on Twitter or whatever social media they use the most, then Father John Misty tried to spoil everything by covering Ryan Adam’s cover of Swift, in the style of the Velvet Underground. Hilarious or terrible depending on your sense of humor.

As if this story of covers of covers was not enough, we now have another band from Brooklyn having a little fun with a Ryan Adams’ album: ‘we turned the project on its head, covering a Ryan Adams album (Love is Hell) in the style of Taylor Swift. This is . . . 1989 is HELL,’ wrote the band on their soundcloud. Since the album already features a cover, ‘Wonderwall’, it’s once again a complete mindfuck, Babetown covering Adams covering Oasis in Taylor Swift’s style, and yes you can scratch your head till the end of the day, asking yourself, did we need to hear this? Probably not!  It looks more like a joke-y exercise than anything else as each Ryan Adams song is inspired by a specific Swift’s song, and is this even good? No! the idea is clever, but the result not so good, and I couldn’t get through the whole thing. But who I am to say so when Ryan Adams himself tweeted his approval: ‘I LOVE YOU ‪@babetowntheband. These covers are SO RAD!!’

Okay if he says so. It’s stripped down to its bare minimum, but now they have to convince Swift to record the album herself, and this would start to be interesting!

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