Balance and Composure at Skate and Surf Saturday May 18th, 2013 Reviewed

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Jon Simmons and Mary Magpie




















At Skate and Surf I saw some of my biggest idols perform for the very first time.

Balance and Composure were playing at 6 pm; the first band of the day I was really interested in.  after walking around the festival grounds for a bit, riding a few rides, and deciding that I wanted merch, I begged my mom for 20 bucks to get what ended up being a 12 dollar Balance and Composure tee.  I threw it on and got ready for their set.

As soon as they stepped on stage, and crowd pushed forward.  Luckily I was to the side and wasn’t being swallowed by all the people.  There were a lot of fans in attendance; the majority of the crowd knew the words, and I was one of em.  Jon Simmon’s voice was perfect, and the instruments were flawless.  When they played “Void”, I thought the crowd was going to break through the barricade; the security was pushing it back so hard because of the intense rush towards the stage.  At one point, I thought the three-foot space between stage and barricade would be reduced to inches.

During “Void”, other than being distracted by the audience, I was stunned by the talent of the band.  They didn’t play their guitars, they painted a freaking masterpiece with them, painting a picture.  The drums and the bass in tandem with the gorgeous vocals with the immense response from the crowd all put together made this the best song of the entire set.  The energy was insane, and the rain had even ceased just in time for their set and with that, it was almost unreal.  Everything was falling into place.

Even though it was an outdoor festival, I was standing right next to the speakers so the sound was spot-on.  It was better than listening to them on a recording; it was more like art and less like songs, you could watch them craft the sounds and it was fascinating.  The musicianship was the best that I saw all day.  I was stunned and beyond impressed.

Afterwards, during Into It. Over It.’s set, I had the honour of meeting Jon Simmons.  He was sidestage, watching, and my friend pointed him out to me.  I got to tell him what his music meant to me, and even got a picture.  I cried promptly afterward, which I hadn’t done in ages.  I’m not sure what it was; I think it’s just how their music has inspired me and the heat of the moment being so caught up in the music that made their set and meeting him absolutely perfect.


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