Barbara Streisand To Play Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

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That is, if the rumors are true.  Babs hasn't played Brooklyn since the 1950s- and shes a Brooklyn.  Unlike other rumors usually attributed to anonymous “sources” this one is actually from Ticketmaster. The New York Daily News reports that a listing depicting Streisand performing at Barclays Center appeared on Ticketmaster for a brief moment but was taken down once inquiries started pouring in.

So far, no one in an official capacity is confirming Streisand playing Brooklyn, but  Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yomark recently tweeted, “Big announcement this week re the Barclays center. I mean big. Very exciting times for Brooklyn.”

Lets see Barbara is 70, looks fabulous, and has had a rather cushy life considering the majority of her fame came young. So why bother?  Well a home town show is always good for a pocket full of millions but its also a great way to get your name back up the buzz list.  Seriously when last did you even say.. 'hmm wassup with Babs lately…', ya haven't.

So heres your chance-stay posted the cat is already half out of the bag.


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