Barclay Center Out Grossed All Arenas In First Six Months Of 2013

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I have two major problems with Brooklyn’s Barclay Center, open since October 2012, and to which I have been to many times already.

1. It is in Brooklyn and a pain in the neck going home at 11pm, where it is only one train but the one train stops every two minutes all the way to my home Queens and takes an hour. There is a trick by the way, and the trick is take the D to 34th street, it makes like three stops and takes 10 instead of 30 minutes, and then switch to a Queens local.

2. The cheap seats are terrible at Barclay. Significantly worse than Madison Square Garden, once you get into the last ten rows, the acoustic are terrible, the incline so steep it is scary, nearly impossible to squeeze between the back of one row of seats and your seat itself, and you can’t see a damn thing. My award for the worst cheap (and when I say cheap, I mean expensive) seats in the country goes directly to Barclay Center. Whenever ever I am stuck in one (I will be in one for Beyonce next week) I wish I had paid more and sat elsewhere because I am absolutely certain I am gonna hate its guys.

So what’s the point of all of this? The point is Barclay Center sold the most tickets and made the most money in the first half of 2013. According to New York Business: “Barclays Center topped all other arenas in the United States in ticket sales during the first six months of 2013.

According to a report by the New York Times that cited figures compiled by Billboard and Pollstar, Barclays Center raked in $46.9 million over that period. That may have been best in the US, but was good for only second in the world behind London’s O2 Arena, which took in $119 million in sales, the report said.

The Bergen Record reported that Madison Square Garden was second in the US with $39.5 million in sales, followed by Staples Center in Los Angeles, with $36.2 million, and then Newark’s Prudential Center came in fourth, with $32.8 million in sales.”

Some twit thought maybe people were going because the stadium was new but really, I don’t think anybody really believes people go to Arenas to check em up, they go because of what is playing. And from the Nets to Barbra Streisand to Further, whoever is booking the room deserves a raise right this second. Many must see shows: Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Fall Out Boy… all these guys who should be at MSG are playing Barclay Center.

That’s why they beat all comers.

As an aside, Barclay sold three times the amount of tickets but only made 15% more money.



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