Be Here Early: Choice New Album Releases 9-23-16 – 9-29-16

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A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings – Beach Slang – “Play it loud, play it fast, play me something that will always last…” is how Beach Slang announce themselves at the start of what we expected would be a terrific sophomore album, and then do it. The world has needed a Replacement influenced band and now we have one: “Spin The Dial” channels the Westerberg magic and that’s picked almost at random. Twenty-nine minutes of rock for them thar youngsters to groove via Philadelphia. Consider it more songs about teenagers and alcohol  – A

Chapter And Verse – Bruce Springsteen – An adjunct to his eagerly awaited autobiography, this is a greatest hits by other means with two the Castiles song, one Steel Mill, and a very early take on “Blinded By The Light” or is it “Rosalita”, called “Henry Boy” used as bait till we switch to a gulp of album tracks in release sequence – B

Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976) – David Bowie – Off Pitchfork, this nine album set is: “The previously unreleased album, The Gouster (which eventually became Young Americans). It also has remastered editions of Diamond Dogs, Young Americans, Station to Station (in original and 2010 mixes), David Live (in original and 2005 mixes), and Live Nassau Coliseum ’76.”. I didn’t know the title track, and it is a goodie, otherwise head straight to album #5 for The Gouster – A

Must Be Free – Lee “Scratch” Perry – As always, deeply eccentric, resolutely impenetrable, beautifully dubbed beats and not particularly enjoyable. Perry is a true great, miraculously still doing it, and I still can’t listen to him for long: by the time the horns briefly burst in on “Too Much Too Long” you almost shiver with relief  – B


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