Be Here Early: Choice New Albums Reviewed 11-25-16 – 12-2-16

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Gunslinger – Garth Brooks – First rate country rock, old fashioned in the best way and despite compaints of a lack of risk, personally I am as sick of risk as I’ve ever been of anything and appreciate these ten, straight up no chase Brooksian country slices of white bread country roll. Sure, your need for a song called “Baby Let’s Lay Down And Dance” might not be mine, but either way, this is the one to hear if it is.Hell, even the ballads are pretty good. Considered a little treading water, I really can’t find a fault with it.  At $5 from Amazon, an absolute steal – B+

Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg – Gillian Welch – Americana’s poster girl, dogs out alternate versions, outtakes that didn’t make it, and demos of her 1996 breakthrough, Revival. If you love her you’ll love it, if you don’t… well, she is really pretty good though a little quiet for my tastes – B

4Ever – Prince – 40 WB tracks from the obvious to the obvious, with a coupla wild cards two thirds of the way through aka the oblivious. If you want only one Prince album… but why would you want only one Prince album? – A

Red Friday EP – YG – Hot on the heels of Still Brazzy, this is a fast hard hit in the plexus, one joint after another, and song for song it is as good as the Cali man gets… plus, after “FDT” he can do no wrong right now  – B+



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