Be Here Early: Highlights From New Album Releases 6-17-16 – 6-23-16

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On My One – Jake Bugg – When you’re a UK twenty something blues wunderkind, don’t start your legend with a lying “I’m just a poor boy…”. on the  title track self portrayed. And that’s the best thing about this egregious self-produced dog of an album. Crossover? I don’t think so. He tries hard but the kid wearies me and his voice is an irritant and… well, just and – C-

Johannesburg – Mumford And Sons – The mini album is another South Africa gumboots meets Western singer songwriter in folk drag, classic rockists. Five songs, one a cover, all great, “Wona” a positive ID on “Gumboots” is best on record, but they don’t capture the magic beauty rockism of the live “There Will Be A Time” here. Kudos to all, especially Beatenberg – B+

The Getaway – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Their best music since 2002 isn’t good enough, though it lives on its stomach, and Flea steals the entire show, but this is a nostalgia act and this is the same sort of songs they’ve been performing for decades – C+

Man Machine Poem – The Tragically Hip – With tragedy finding the band, this may be the swan song for the hugely popular in their hometown, Canadian mainstream rockers. Too often, their disenchanted problems with melody a huge distraction while their modern world arrangements are very strong. Same here, though “What Blue” is a great song. Gordon is going out with a bang – B-



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