Be Here Early: New Album Releases 8-11-17 – 8-17-17

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5 Billion In Diamonds – 5 Billion In Diamonds – I wonder why Butch Vig made this an Apple exclusive? It’s not as though anyone in their right minds is gonna listen to it, all it does is plod – D

Lunar EP – 1991 – Drum N Bass from the UK, smarter than you expect, especially on “Kabuku” – C+

Bushwick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Aesop Rock – I thought he was an MC… – C+

Better Than Myself – Alex Williams –  Americana country folk finger picker rhymes “Hallelujah” with “so many ways life will screw ya”,” like Chris Stapleton without the pomposity- B

AVĪCI (01) EP – Avicii – Is there anything sadder than a pop star past his time? This is well past it – C

All Your Fault: Pt. 2 EP – Bebe Rexha – Bebe is a good featured singer,  did you hear what she did for Louis Tomlinson two weeks ago? Less great as the lead singer, though the Florida Georgia Line song is fabulous – C+

Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native – Ben Sollee –  Cellos (no really) drive this classic take on country, as good as its songs, two or three of which are excellent – B-

Ayo – Bomba Estéreo – Colombia’s Liliana Saumet and Simon Mejia follow up their breakthrough album with a terrific blast of dance music heaven, all on the floor dance beats and exultations to move your body,  “Independent of race and culture, we’re all the same when it comes to sharing the dance floor,” and I second that – B+

Poor David’s Almanack – David Rawlings – Because it isn’t Gillian Welch, David takes the lead more often – B

Cost of Living – Downtown Boys – Coulda used more horns, but this is child of UK 77 with a singer in Victoria Ruiz who knows how to front a band. They have everything except great songs – B

Cage Tropical – Frankie Rose – Arty shoegaze with moments of extreme beauty and big swerves, the title track is a knockout  – B

How Do You Spell Heaven – Guided By Voices – Robert Pollard is talented enough but I can’t listen to him,  GBV’s second album this year and I struggled to get through it… sometimes when he revs it up a notch I can listen a little. No wonder I walked out on em when they played Summerstage in 97 (Sleater Kinney opened) – C

The Reign – Hinder – Maybe I was too harsh on GBV – D

Rainbow – Kesha – With every reason to expect a major disaster of self pitying sob stories, Kesha has resurrected her career by widening her palate and maintaining her sense of humor, while delving every which way from the pop anthems we expected to country (yes, that’s Dolly Parton), pop ballads with Justin Tranter, rock with Eagles Of Death Metal and a couple of weird numbers to take us out. I haven’t mentioned “Woman,” which owns the catchiest chorus in existence  – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

Supa Vultures EP – Lil Durk, Lil Reese  –  “Distance” is a great song, there is a lotta good thing coming out of Chicago nowadays, and this EP with Lil Reese is proof. The rest of the album is nearly as good, two rappers feeding off each other. Of course, if a song called “Fuck Dat Shit” isn’t to your taste… – B

Drive Slow – Mac Ayers – Old school smooth jazz slow fizz soft rock – C+

Federal 3X – Moneybagg Yo – Yo Gotti protege, Memphis’ own Yo is a good rapper but his subject matter is beyond boring – C+

HARD CUTS: Songs from the H A R D L O V E Sessions – NEEDTOBREATHE – The CCM rockers release the B Sides from their last album and have lost their mojo if not their position as the only Christian Contemporary rock band that matters. Even Andra Day can’t save these bad songs from the flipside they should have remained relegated to – C

Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Oneohtrix Point Never – Electronic soundtrack, spooky and arresting. Not bad if you like this stuff – B

SCUM -Ratboy – Extremely catchy UK pop punk for the modern age, these songs stick like glue – B+

AFTERIMAGE – R.LUM.R – Very catchy pop r&b  guy who aims to crossover through keeping his hues light and glossy – B

Imperius Rex – Sean Price – The man could rap, always, and the Wu track hits nice and hard, Rock also makes an appearance. The rest of it is pretty tough as well, though it is more than sad to hear his daughter Shaun introducing the late rapper’s songs. New York showed some love to the man, and keep your ears open for the Prodigy track   – B

24-7 Rock Star Shit – The Cribs – Whiny vocals, sweet backbeat, songs could be catchier, think if Oasis had gone to art school instead of secondary modern – B

Popular Manipulations – The Districts – Indie rock with better arrangements than most, try “Ordinary Day” – B-

Anchors – Will Hoge – A good week for country songwriters, this is the third goodie. “Grand Charade” may be the best song of the week, he sounds like Springsteen circa Nebraska without the affectation  – B

AI YoungBoy – YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Part of the scene that has brought us real gangsters like 21 Savage, YB is realer than that, currently under arrest on two counts of attempted murder. This is modern gangsta, some strong moments but not enough to justify, lotsa blood and guts – C+



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