Be Here Early: New Album Releases Reviewed 8-18-17 – 8-24-17

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Alice Glass EP – Alice Glass – The former Crystal Castle’s lead singer joins the growing list of electro-pop women with pain on their mind, joins em near the top on “Without Love” at least – B-

Still Striving – A$AP Ferg -Of the three A$AP’s I know, I like Ferg least and this is gonna be the least of the Mob releases, despite chock to overflowing with first rate rappers, including, ta dah, Cam’ron. The rapping is good to great, the tracks aren’t – C+

Science Fiction – Brand New – The emo superheroes first album in eight years is a return with all of the band’s powers of angst and melancholia in tact and their songwriting skills at a peak. A masterpiece of 21st century despair, the final track “Batter Up” is one of the best songs of the year – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A-

Paranoia: A True Story – Dave East – The Nas proteges first release for Def Jam is a snapshot of life for the full throated rapper, though a little on the skimpy side storywise with a four minute skit as the second track,  it is the populist side of rap with Wiz and Chris Brown aboard – C+

You EP – Dodie – I skipped this EP a coupla weeks ago because I didn’t like the album art, but stumbled upon the excellent title track “You” -electronic college dorm pop, but really awesome at it. The rest of the songs aren’t as good… but they’re close – B+

Go Farther In Lightness – Gang of Youths – U2 Springsteen inspired classic rock fans from Australia, their sophomore effort is an old fashioned rock album of the first order, let’s hope the world is still into it – A-

Painted Ruins – Grizzly Bears – As straightforward as their Brooklyn based psychedelic art rock will ever get, this works in spurts of ingenuity and shading, “Mourning Sounds” is the second best song of the week – B

The Siren’s Song – Kacy & Clayton –  60s style folk pop from Canada with a first rate singer and a subtle skill with a song – B

Project Baby 2 – Kodak Black –  “Why you gotta Jesus me?” Kodak and XXX wonder. A good question from the 20 year old rapper who, while not exactly part of the Soundcloud Rap scene, sounds like he knows the same mean streets, though a little more disciplined on this terrific rap album of girls and crime seeped in poverty – B+

Black Ken – Lil B – electronic plus rap by the unique rapper – B-

Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 EP  – Lil Peep –  Emo meets rap on this teen hero in the making, he whinges most righteously and maintains it over seven tracks of very catchy, very moody mix n match – B

The Peace And The Panic – Neck Deep – UK pop-punk by the numbers – C

Tell the Devil I’m Gettin’ There as Fast as I Can – Ray Wylie Hubbard –  After listening to Kodak Black’s gritty songs of poverty and crime in the projects and Shelby and Lynne’s searching through their back pages,  Ray’s songs of the devil and the deep south and the blues sounds feigned. Except for the terrific title track –  C+

Ryan Follese – Ryan Follese – The Hot Chelle Rae lead guy really sucks as a country singer – D+

Not Dark Yet – Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer – The sisters craft nine Americana covers and a heart wrenching original, at their best when they are closest to the Everly Brothers, it is a dark, as dark as Brand New, a vision, worth the trip to the heart of life and near life – B+

To The Bone – Steven Wilson – Deepish sixtiesish rock album – B-

America Most Wanted – Tay K –  Wait a second: “implicated in several murders and other crimes that has led to him being held in a Fort Worth, Texas penitentiary and you’ve got the makings of a lawless myth of a rapper, and Tay’s only 17 years old.”. This is getting kinda out there, though he is pretty good. “The Race 2” is here, in case you were wondering where he came from – B-

Crossover: Live From Music City – Travis Greene – Crossover Gospel with CCM, doesn’t even begin to work – D

The Road, Pt. 1 – UNKLE – Are these guys still alive? I remember them being a lot livelier – C


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