Be Here Early: New Album Reviews 8-4-17 – 8-10-17

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The Rise Of Chaos – Accept – The title track is a slam dunk riffarama and the singer sounds like Robert Plant – B-

Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed Present Magic & Bird – Andy Mineo –  Rappers do  to two basketball legends what The Baseball Project did to America’s pastime: they make it sound good – B-

12 – A$AP Twelvyy– I really disliked this at first but two days later… if Pro Era are Public Enemy, the A$APs are Junior Mafia, and Rocky is Biggie which must make Twelvyy must be Lil’ Cease which ain’t that bad really. “L.Y.B.B. (Resolution)” is a terrific song, best A$AP track since “LSD” – B-

Late Night Tales: BADBADNOTGOOD – BadBadNotGood – From the late night mix tape series, Canadian jazzers give us a goodie, best moment, near the end from Charlotte Day Wilson to the Beach Boys to Les Prospection – B

Pop Voodoo – Black Grape – The former Happy Mondays have grown up and this dance album is not what these great when straight guys were once. That’s fine but they’ve lost some of the uniqueness… though I guess it is better than dying – B-

Call It Love – Briana Marela – Electronic, symphonic, lo meets mid fi poptones which is too aggressive to be considered ambient – B

Brett Eldredge – Brett Eldredge – If Bro Country land was one awesome tune after another, with a sweet disposition and a joyful humanity and a complete love of women, it would sound like this- ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A

50,000,000 Elvis Fan Can’t Be Wrong – Caroline Says -An absolute beauty of lo fi tunes sung in a hushed disquiet, plus album name of the week – B+

Re-Covered – Dan Wilson –Former Semisonic lead singer reborn as a songwriting gun for here, reclaims his songs, songs like “Someone Who Cares” and “Not Ready To Make Nice” and “Stars Will Come Out” – B

Dead Cross – Dead Cross – Slayer drummer forms a very hard hitting speed metal – B

2525+5 EP – Factory Floor – Can you say “Jew harp” still, or is it politically incorrect? Either way this arty EDM duo use it to astonishingly annoying effect on “Work It Out,” the most interesting song on this modern electronic soundscape crappola – C

Party Of One – George Thorogood – Just what we need, an acoustic George – C

I Love You All The Time: Live At The Olympia Paris – Eagles Of Death Metal –  Perhaps they deserve some slack after having their concert disrupted by terrorists. So here is a D+ instead of a D – D+

Earl Grey – Girl Ray – Pop punk UK style, holds its amateur status on its sleeve like a baby Los Campesinos but needs to be a little better to get away with it – C+

Grateful Dead, Celebrating Jerry Garcia & The Days Between (Live) – Grateful Dead – There was a time, maybe seven years ago, I caught a Dead show and didn’t hate the capitalist pigs septuagenarian hippies, but most of the time, like now, I just wish they’d give it a rest – C-

Ritual De Lo Habitual Live – Jane’s Addiction – I saw these guys around the time the album was first released and thought they sucked, still do  though at least they’ve never bothered improving – D

Lay It On Down – Kenny  Wayne Shepherd – Former boy wonder’s eighth album is stoically old fashioned hard rock and blues, could use some groove – C+

Plastic Soul – Mondo Cozmo – Alt rock mood music, very addictive, very pretty quietly anthemic rock 2017, though it tries a little too hard here and there – B

Tremendous Sea Of Love – Passion Pity – Always a pleasure to run into this new romantic, electronic pop performer, years in and he is still quite good – B

Dark Matter – Randy Newman – The difference between “Sail Away” and “Brothers” is that “Sail Away” was satire as high wire act genius and “Brothers” is a parlour trick performed once more. A great parlour trick, but nevertheless – B+

Collection – Soccer Mommy – This is an awesome album and not for its indie soundcloud-y vibe, or its lo fi acoustic dreaminess, but because all the songs are smart, tuneful, sweet sounding and important – A-

The Booty tapes – Ugly God – Ho hum nasty ass sex rap – C-


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