Be Here Now: New Album Releases 8-25-17 – 8-31-17 Reviewed

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Blue Chips 7000 – Action Bronson – I preferred him before he joined a major but the rhymes are still pretty awesome and the samples are better, or at least weirder, than ever, which makes Action what he always was: strong third tier or strange second tier. The Rick Ross ytrack is a goodie – B

Cozy Tapes Vol 2: Too Cozy – A$AP Mob – That rush of songs from “Perry Ave” to “Bahamas” is as good as anything the A$AP posse have hustled up since 2015, the rest of it lacks a certain finesse, a backlash intelligence, to pull it off – B

Live EP – Blake Shelton – If the best thing you can say about this six song EP recorded during Shelton’s pop-up show in Nashville during the 2017 CMA Music Festival is that it doesn’t overstay its welcome, that is also the worse thing. Pistol Annies on “Boys ‘Round Here”? Not all of them – C+

Marooned With The Treasure – Blank Range – Awful roots rockers – D+

Let’s Be Combe Avenue (Demos, 1972) – Chris Difford – One day this guy would be one of the UK’s top lyricist. This wasn’t that day – C

A Moment In Time EP – Droeloe – Pretty and absorbing dance but not quite dance, maybe really electronica vibing. “Sunburn” is a good song – B

Invitation – Filthy Friends – Sure I love Corin Tucker, loved her solo, loved her with Sleater Kinney, not crazy about this. Here she is joined by Peter Buck and a coupla pretty excellent featured players (especially King Crimson’s drummer), sounds good but the songs ain’t there – C+

Fifth Harmony – Fifth Harmony – The Gucci track is a keeper, the rest is dance pop as written – C+

Seekers And Finders – Gogol Bordello – The first two songs are at a clipping pace, “Saboteur Blues” is a nice little rocker, but when they slow down they pass out – C+

Reservoir – Gordi – The Bon Iver collaborator is an electronic heavy sound fuck folk snore – C

Beast Epic – Iron And Wine – More than a handful of ace tunes all performed like a man and his ambient – B-

Under The Influence – Junior Sanchez – This is nearly perfect late 10s house music, it is all about the beats all the time, and great ones: listen to “Think About It,” the way the beats envelopes the hook every which way, like, to quote rock nyc scribe Mike Holcolm, a kangaroo carries its baby, listen to “Dreaming” where the backing track is great but in the back, it has a tune but the tune is a place setter. As the Calvin Harris’s of the world turn north to pop, the beats don’t matter as much, even Tiesto, Skillex, all the big boys, are thrilled by crossover, but Sanchez is about how beats function, his “Passionfruit” remix is insanely addictive, it’s like a stampeding housebeat, when Drake’s vocals actually comes in, it feels unneeded. Whatever else is happening in the song it oddly sounding muffled sweetness beat is there. If you liked that, you’ll love the album,  as fine a house record as you will hear this year – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

Luv Is Rage 2 – Lil Uzi Vert – Did you see that interview with Zane? “I’m raging beneath my sunglasses”. Listening to him here, that’s a good description of “The Way Life Goes,” though on “Early 20 Rager” you might be excused for assuming the sunglasses ain’t hiding much: the trick with baby trap is tempo mind melds and like XXXtentacion (who also has an album just released), it is all coiled reflexes waiting to explode: the explosions happen but in a restraint, its like listening to someone stuck in a machine and struggling to get out – B

True’s World EP– MadeinTYO – The “Uber Everywhere” guy also has a song called “Eating” with a terrific intro, here. How can you auto tune your desire for ice-cream, you ask? Occasionally – C+

Happy Ending – Old Dominion – “You’ve got to love like there’s no such thing as a broken heart”? Got to? Ho hum country rockers – C+

All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell – Pvris – “Dark, sexy, grown-up,” NME claimed. They forgot tedious – C

Villains – Queens Of The Stoneage – The one Mark Ronson produced, uses Ronson’s considerable skills at producing dance beats and sticks em under hard rock songs. It could have gone either way, but I love it: Iggy meets Byrne meets Bruno meets Josh – B+

Legacy – The Cadillac Three – Not bad, that ‘cheap sunglasses” line has always been money in the bank and the band can Southern boogie with the best of em when they choose to do so, when they big rock ballad, nope – B

Orc – Thee Oh Sees – One of the things Alyson Camus and I disagree about is psychedelic garage bands, I consider em simultaneously proggish and amateurish, like these guys – C

A Deeper Understanding – The War On Drugs – This will be huge for them, and for good reason: they’ve been around for over a decade, Kurt Vile started with them, and they’ve steadily improved till they’ve reached this fine rock product for the masses. I like it a lot, but that’s all I do – B

17 – XXXtentacion – The face of soundcloud rap is as soft and weird as ever, nothing like the live shows which our bizarre screamathons. Here everything is quiet and intense, “Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares” is so great it jumps out of any desire to tighten the reins on the genre. “Fuck Love”? You’d assume he’d be railing, but xxxTentacion is always standing over looking down at the cliff – B+


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