Be Here Now: New Album Releases Reviewed 2-2-18 – 2-8-18

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AWOLNATION – Here Come the Runts – Electronic rock band have had a good run this decade and this is a s good as the best, nearly every song is memorable, and it moves from one instantly addictive melody to another – B+

Bat Fangs – Bat Fangs – Terrific indie rock album by riot grrrl prodigies – B

Dirty South – XV – EDM DJ and a talented fellow, especially the opening track, agfter that it’s for specialists – B-

Don Brocco – Technology – Not unpleasant UK rock by the numbers and a little more – B-

Field Music – Open Here – UK band sounds like Talking heads without the funk – B

Frank Zappa and The Mothers – The Roxy Performances (Live) – From December 1973, this is a definitive exploration of prime Zappa live, if you want to know what all the fuss is about binge listen this, this is Miles Davis good. I’m not a huge Zappa fan, but wow he was on some wild musically plateau we ain’t caught up with yet. The best bit? That “Be-Bop Tango” is completely bonkers  – ALBUM OF THE WEEK –  A+

Gunna – Drop Season 3 – Southern rapper, a little ordinary – C+

Hookworms – Microshift – A little out there ambient electronic mood art rock that can be quite haunting at times, try “The Soft season” – B-

Justin Timberlake – Man Of The Woods – Look, I’m not crazy about it either, but he didn’t invade Poland and “Filthy” and “Midnight Summer Jam” are aces – B

Keys N Krates – Cura – hip hop EDM DJ built for the dancefloor if you’re flipped out on opium – B-

Montgomery Gentry – Like Lyrnd Skynrd with more southern and less comfort, Troy Gentry died in a helicopter crash, so go easy – B-

Rhye – Blood – Somewhat tedious romantic soft pop, pleasantly boring – C+

Rich Brian – amen – The former Rich Chigga (a much better name, by the way) has a nice staccato flow that fits nice into the world of mumble rap, though undistinguishable enough to be indifferent – C+

Saxon – Thunderbolt – 80s style metal – B-

Simple Minds – walk between the Worlds – always a brides maid, Jim Kerr managed a killer album in 2014, this is the follow up but the songwriting doesn’t click. It sound big and boring – C

Ski Mask The Slump God – You will Regret (Reloaded) – If you consider adding three songs reloading – C+

Skooly – Don’t Ever Forget Me EP – “Dirty Dawg “Insane” is the song of the week… r&b soul rap with a bounce, further along his poppiness backs off – B

Various Artists – Fake Friends – Not reallym it is a producer named LAX who is apparently willing to give his audience the finger for some obscure reason… the instrumentals are a bore but some of the other tracks, like “Heart” are better than you’d imagine – C+

Various artists – standing At The gates: The Songs Of Nada Surf – They always hit me as a modern The nails, and this odds and sods performed by various indie bands doesn’t change anything except that Nada surf are the best interpreters of Nada Surf… they didn’t even take a shot at “Popular” – C+


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