Be Here Now: New Album Releases Reviewed 7-20-18 – 7-26-18

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Head In The Clouds – 88rising – Asian collective sound like a modern day NSYNC plus girl singers and EDM beats – B-

Cropduster – Adolescents – More punk than hardcore, a loud fast scream of an album with melody bubbling all the way through -album cover of the year – B

Harlan & Alondra – Buddy- Compton native soulful rapper slash r&b, doesn’t get overwhelmed by featured artists Ty Dolla $ign, Snoop Dogg and Khalid, thrives on the best song on the album “Black,” with A$AP Ferg – B

Mitad Y Mitad – Calibre 50 – Mariachi specialists with plenty of that good accordion and multiple singers, the bottom on the songs are actually quite modern – B

That’s A Girls Name – DRAM – Dram’s real name is Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith, which, you know, is a girl’s name. I’ve seen Dram give the bests set every single time I’ve seen him perform, always a touch too much autotuned but Dram is soulful he cheerfuls us through it – B+

Full Circle – Eddie Palmieri – The salsa great re-records some of his hits and they couldn’t sound better – A-

Ask Bout Me – Jay Park – This guy aint K-pop, he is a Korean American with a an ear for r&b. a trap like drum sound and a 90s jones -a little boring but he has his moments – B-

The Tree – Lori McKenna – The country songwriter is a classicist with a good story and sometimes a good song, about family, romance, and growing older, “People Get Older” is excellent. The songs could be a touch stronger – B+

The Famous EP – Mason Ramsey – This country kid is creepy beyond belief, that deep voice weirds me out and is bizarrely and outrageously inappropriate for an eleven year old  – C

Tune In – Massari – Middle Eastern flavored EDM, heavy on the beats and heavy on the Lebanese pop flavored instruments – B

Take Me To The Disco – Meg Myers “The rapture’s trying to kill me,” Meg Myers sings on the new face of alt-y singery songwriterly nighmarely stuff, it seems to be that some form of strict Christian upbringing (Meg was raised a Jehovah’s Witness… for her sins) is a prerequisite today. Songs called “Numb,” “Tourniquet,” “The Death Of Me,” “Done,” “Little Death” and “Funeral” are as cheery as the titles imply, it is like all those misery loves girls stuff all over the place with an electronic based reaction. I like it from a distance – B

Forever – Popcaan – Popcaan is the friend to the stars dancehall giant, he has worked with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Gorillaz, Kanye West, Drake AND MORE. This is his sophomore album and it is as great a reggae album as I’ve heard all year, sweet rub a dub, good beats,, well sung and… “Strong Woman”. As Popcaan told Billboard “Man is the ruler, man is the leader, man is first…” Wow, I hope he’s not on Twitter – B+

My Infamous Life – Prodigy – Spoken word audible -meh – C

The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart) – Public Image Ltd.- 76 songs, six hours plus anthology, makes the case for PiL, despite Lydon’s ups and down, being a major art rock band whose prog doesn’t resemble anyone else-and has been a little underestimated to boot – B

All Ashore – Punch Brothers – Arty Americana – C+

Forever & Ever – SALES – Alty pop it says here, sounds more like ambient to me – C

Struckout – Struckout – noise merchants and first rates one, from the marshall drumming  of “Scratch” to the obstreperous nervous breakdown of “We’ve Tried Nothing And We’re Out Of Ideas,” these post-hardcore cats are one pounding headache, in a good way. A tight unflailing roar of a sound that is to ambient what a sledgehammer is to cotton candy- B+

Hive Mind – The Internet – The best alt-r&b band around, The Internet, lead by Syd, travel through subgenres with ease from neo-soul to  smooth jazz all with a funky underbelly on their sophomore effort. “Come Over” is less hot at more summer breezy late night groove thing and the best of this consistently excellent mood enhancer in a laid back way – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A-

Joy – Ty Segall, White Fence – The most boring man on the planet meets the weirdest band in the universe for a bunch of songs that have ypu wondering why you are listening – MUST TO AVOID – D+

Yolk in the Fur – Wild Pink -one of those wonderfully rare bands that sounds instantly familiar upon first listen, they claim. And we all know what familiarity breeds and this is no exception, a rock band Americana that works intermittently. “Lake Erie” is a goodie – B-

New Lows – World’s Fair – Queen’s rap collective (hence the name), pretty good as well, I haven’t heard of any of them (Remy Banks, Jeff Donna, Lansky Jones, Cody B. Ware, Prince SAMO, DJ Thoth and Nasty Nigel) “WFOO1” is a goodie ode to the borough and “Danny DeVito” almost loves up to its name, Remy Banks is great, when he quietens down in the last third, the album drifts, “Doobie Wrap” is great  – B


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