Be Here Now: New Album Reviews 3-2-18 – 3-8-19

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ALMA – Heavy Rules Mixtape – Think Robyn and now think Mo and now think Alma, electronic pop sings with backbone and sugar topping – B

Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone – Over a decade since his last album, party animal Andrew WK adds prog to his arsenal on this loud, brash bore – C+

Camp Cope – How  to Socialise & Make Friends – From Australia, where indie escapes from its Western jail and flourishes, this sophomore effort isn’t as good as people claim, mostly because Georgia Maq’s vocals grate after awhile, but it includes, “The Opener” and “Anna” -two of the weeks best songs… and maybe you’d whinge if you were a teen in Australia – B

Femi Kuti – One People One World – The one time I saw Femi on stage he was the pits and while we don’t expect him to be Fela, there is something missing on this album that is also missing on stage: the rhythms can be very strong but the songs are too dogmatic, and they  fail to loosen up – C+

Haley Heynderickx – I Need to Start a Garden – Electric folk and it takes forever to get going but it gets there eventually with stand out “Worth It” where the energy comes in spurts – B-

Joan Baez – Whistle Down The Wind – If this is to be Joan’s final release, it is a fine one. Some of the top songwriters of today, including  Tom Waits, beautifully interpreted and sent off  by the heardtrending nothing changes “I Wish The Wars Were All Over” traditional -B+

Josh Mirenda EP – Josh Mirenda – Another country songwriter goes singer, a little on the bland side – C+

Katie Herzig – Moment of Bliss – Folk pop from Nashville, it has a good rep but is too MOR for my tastes – C+

Lucius – NUDES – Mood music for indie pop fans, a bit of a slog – C

Lucy Dacus – Historian – I’m a sucker for hype if the mood is right and Dacus is the right hype, “Night Shift” takes six and a half minutes and while it only makes its point in the final one and a half, you can feel that edge into wildness always somewhere in her, somewhat depressing, songs – B

MercyMe – I Can Only Imagine – The Very Best of MercyMe – CCM stinker, may God have mercyme upon our souls – MUST TO AVOID – D

Moby – Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt – The title is from “Slaughterhouse Five,” the album is a dour, electronic, extended nightmare – C+

Moaning – Moaning – Cali shoegaze -ho hum – C

Mt. Joy – Mt. Joy – Indie folk, pretty Americanaish “I’m Your Wreck” has you hoping for big things but small things, mama, is what you get – C+

Nessly – Wild Flower – Lo fi rap for post teen boys who can’t shake this depression – C+

Soccer Mommy – Clean – Sophie Allison can write a song and these ten songs in a fast clipped 34 minutes are understated but angry, they seem like whispered threats at a romance like, as Allisson puts it, a dog on a leash: it has been a week full of mediocre singer songwriter tropes, but this is one that works through a singleminded blueness. “Still clean” is the best song of the week, “Your Dog” and “Last Girl” are pretty great as well – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

Tech N9ne – Planet (Deluxe Edition) – Always a weird one, this is so strange it might as well be from San Francisco, and outlasts its expiration date by at least 30 minutes… still, as semi-background it is arresting and different – C+

Tracey Thorn – Record – What’s with the one word song titles? Tracey sounds like Tracey so if you like her voice you should be safe… I can take it  or leave – C+

The Breeders – All Nerve – Deal and Donnelly back together again without Donnelly, fans will note they sound the same, the rest of us will shrug and think good not great – B-

The Men – Drift – A little too off track for even post-punk, it veers into noise and then backs out – C+

Titus Andronicus – A Productive Cough – This is the first Titus Andronicus that just doesn’t illicit a strong feeling. “Number One (In New York) goes on and on, “(I’m) Like A Rolling Stone” is Patrick’s worst idea ever, “Above The Bodega (Local Business)” is a winner, “Crass Tattoo” is odd even by these standards, and nothing else has registered – C+

Tory Lanez – MEMORIES DON’T DIE – I saw this guy alive a coupla years ago and was very impressed, less so on this disappointing rap by the numbers by a guy with more gifts… “Shooters” is worth your while – C+


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