Be Here Now: New Releases 1-5-18 – 1-11-17 Reviewed

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cupcakKe album of the week 1-5-18 – 1-11-18


Ephorize – cupcakKe – The easy answer is cupcake is a modern day Millie Jackson except a song like “Wisdom Teeth” is straight up flow rappin’ and rhymin’… on the other hand “Tap the head of the dick, duck duck duck goose, head of the dick, duck duck duck goose, get that dick up and runnin’ when he fuck this cooch covered in all my cum the dick be lookin’ like a goose”. Over fifteen tracks only four are explicit, which means the Chicago rapper is developing, but man, they are filthy dirty – ALBUM OF THE WEEK A-

Nobody else ep – idealism – piano based ambient, pretty slow, all the drums are metronomic but has a hypnotic flair – B-

Night Owl EP – Jessi Mason – Terrific singer songwriter who nails all six songs, especially the one about understanding herself and the one about getting Joni Mitchell – A-

POST – Jeff Rosenstock – Post punk, punk, pre-punk state of the country agro-rock, hand on the pulse of disassociated and scared white America… and “USA” is the song of the week – B+

Silverlake – Pugwash – Super power pop dup veers very close to prog and could do with a coupla killer tunes, but arrangements, performance, and singing are all ace – B

The Trip EP – San Halo – Dutch EDM and first rate sound manufacturing, like electronic landscapes that sound wildly unique, the title track is killer plain and simple – B

This Is Not An Album – Youngr – The “bootleg” cover of The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” is ace and so is “Ooh Lordy,” as this EDM singer songer manages a keen balancing act between the two sides of pop and dance – B


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