Be Here Now: Snap Shot Reviews Of New Releases For February 25th, 2014

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Growing old gracefullyish

Growing old gracefullyish

Beck – Morning Phase – The operative word being phase, a handful of mood music instrumental and a handful of second tier rose solemnity topped by three or four truly great songs – B+

RISER – Dierks Bentley – Country boy Dierk is good where nearly everybody else isn’t because he has a great voice for this but also because he plays country rock with backbone and intricate clicked in arrangement, maybe because he isn’t a boy any more If he was better lyrically he’d be blowing Brad Paisley away, just the way he did when he opened for Brad at MSG – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

Helios – The Fray – A terrible Arena ready mainstream rock band add to their catalog – D+

Overstep – Mike Gordon – Not a vanity project but not quite a real album either by the Phish bassist, a little of this spotty numbers goes a long long way – C+

kid cudi presents satellite flight the journey to mother moon – His best workj in years is not untypical patented and constantly stolen from deep mood music as a concept album and much much better than last years disappointing Indicud. The sound the instrumentation to a movie in the mind – B+

Blank Project – Neneh Cherry – Is that Robyn on “Out Of The Blank”? Just one surprise in this astounding electronic experimental album by the great Don Cherry’s step-daughter. Song after song of deep synth and beats and heavily rhymed couplets on top. If every song clicks in as well as the title track and “Across The Water” it may be major but it also may not -B+

True To The Blues – Johnny Winters – Great blues guitarists gets box set – B+

Music From The Movie As The Palaces Burn – Lamb Of God – The best metal band in the world today out of jail and very very very hard and the secret ingredient is Chris Adler who is a power house but also a King of the triplet. A movie soundtrack but still… B+

Close To The Glass – The Notwist – Sub Pop band from Berlin add melody to electronica to good effect – B+

Formula, Vol 2 – Romeo Santos – I went to see the Bachata singer when he was with teen sensations Aventura and it was a pretty wild scene and then I went to see him again solo and it wasn’t but that should change with this pop move, featuring Drank, Minaj… Kevin Hart??? Romeo is playing Yankee Stadium this summer… so now you know – B

Schoolboy Q – Member of the Black Hippy Collective is much better when he moves away from the weed songs, but even when he keeps on kushing he still has some of the most powerful backing tracks and beats… try the Tyler the Creator featuring “The Purge” to start with – B+

St. Vincent – St. Vincent – The upbeat tracks quirkiness are saved by melody and so are the slower ones. If you can get past. If you can get past her preciousness, the songs are strong enough to sweep right past your (not necessarily mis) conception of arts for arts sake and over arrangements for reasons more to do with a sound she is hearing and not we are hearing   – B+

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