Beck Has Released A New Song: Listen To 'Blue Moon'

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Saint Beck




Beck has a new song? Does Beck have really a new song out? Yes, it was posted on Spotify this Monday morning, and it was a way to make us anticipate even more  his upcoming album ‘Morning Phase’ out on February 25th. The song is called ‘Blue Moon’, which is overly poetic and the artwork coming with it is totally dreamy! Look at this picture of Beck wearing his hat like an aureole with a sun-rainbow touching his face as if he the next musical icon… I guess he has really become an icon.

But enough about the artwork, the song is great, with subtle mandolin at the beginning, going half way between Sea Change and Mutations, just listening to this warm melancholic chorus brings me back years ago, these ooooooos are definitively very Sea Change, the tone is just a bit more upbeat. And if this had escaped you, the rainbow in Beck’s face is there to remind you about the cover art of ‘Sea Change’.

However, didn’t he write ‘Sea Change’ following a dramatic break-up? He was sad and depressed, but now that he is happily married with children, how could he still sing he is tired to be alone? He is faking it! And it’s so scientologist of him! Seriously, ‘Blue Moon’ is not a song that will really surprise you if you have been listening to Beck for a long time, but it’s great nevertheless.

So listen to the song below, you can already buy it on iTunes and read the entire track list of the album by the same token, and if you are a ‘Girls’ fan, you will catch the song in an upcoming episode.


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