Beck's Brother, Channing Hansen Is Making Quantum Knits.

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Hansen’s quantum portal

If you like Beck you may know a little bit about his family, and although Channing Hansen is not advertising his filiation with the rock star at all, he is Beck’s brother but also a renowned artist.

The exhibit Made In LA at the Hammer museum is currently showing the work of many LA artists, including Channing’s art, and I must say I went there out of curiosity. If you don’t appreciate modern art, you obviously will have a hard time to appreciate anything over there, and I was quite confused about a lot of things (if not everything) presented in the exhibit. Beck’s brother makes hand-knitted constructions, stretched on wood frames, like the one you can admire above, and he builds them from scratch: he dyes and spins the fiber blends, knits them, but the whole thing, which looks totally disorganized, is actually determined by a computer algorithm that Hansen hand-coded. His series is entitled ‘Quantum Paintings (2012- )’

Hansen teaches the history of science and chaos theory (I am just saying and not even going to attempt explaining the syllabus of his class….) at the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles.

I thought it was just odd but what do I know about modern art? You can watch the video below, showing Channing in his über cool studio,… He says he is an armchair physicist — don’t tell me he actually understands quantum physics — and he sees his ‘paintings’ as ‘portals of possibility’ with multi-dimensions, and also declares that ‘craft solves questions; art asks them’… some deep thinking for you to digest after breakfast.

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