"Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age", New Film In the Works

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So then, how about  a nice little film about the Lizard King?  There has been so much romanticizing about Jim Morrison and the hippy trippy movie was just too much to stomach.  Seriously, that peyote scene? 

So how about we humanize the demi God.  Z-Machine a film making organization run by Jess and Jeff Finn( who?) who usually do the independent documentary features such as, Strange Septembers: The Hill Abduction & The Exeter Encounter.  Heard of any of those? 

I am not familiar with their work but I love the idea of this.  Get a bunch of people who knew him (including his grade school girlfriend) get them all to say something and bam you got a movie.  Amen for blu ray and dvd since I’m not so sure this is going to go into wide release.

 Does anyone still dig The Doors aside from teenage boys and old biker guys?

The film will of course showcase never-before-seen home movies and photographs from his formative years, the viewer will share in a clear-headed, open-minded exploration of James Douglas Morrison as a plain ol',  “human being”.

Is it possible there is ‘never before seen’ home movies still?  I find that almost impossible to believe.  After all this time, all these tributes there is something that hasn’t been seen?  I suppose we shall soon see. 

Morrison died in July of 1971.  I know for a fact he was just as popular in the 80’s but the question is how is he doing in the 2013’s that would warrant such a documentary?  A release date is not available as of yet but we’ll keep you posted


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