Best Bowie Jokes

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It took me a couple of days to get around to it, but I finally went  searching out Bowie jokes and found em on Sickepdia. Sacrilegious? I wish but they aren’t good enough and I passed on the AIDs joke.

What was David’s last hit? Morphine.

I guess he really made the grave

I think it was stupid of Bowie keeping his cancer a secret. The amount of likes he’d have gotten on Facebook would have cured him.

Nice try Celine’s husband, but David is # 1 this week.

Bowie and Alan Rickman within a couple of days? But don’t worry, Bieber drives too fast and One direction travel in planes a lot, it could even out.

It’s pretty ironic that all the “who is Favid bowie?” tweets are coming from young Americans.

Farewell to David Bowie, I never much liked his music but I am an avid collector of his knives

Music legend David Bowie has died… it looks like Mick Jagger is back to fucking women again.

All these jokes about Bowie dying are a little soon… at least wait until the stardust settles.

Bowie and Rickman die at 69. I didn’t even know they were a couple.

So David Bowie has died…  ashes to ashes.

Seeing David Bowie’s success with his new album , I was inspired to buy a copy of ” Bowie , The early  years “. It was full of nursery rhymes and a stirring rendition of Happy Birthday.




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