Best Of 2018: Songs Through February 2018

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Opening Act (The Shooby Dooby Song) – Bahamas – That shuffle intro is a thing of beauty and the song itself stands head and shoulders above anything else on the album, and the album is great, but this song? The “shooby dooby” hook is money in the band, the rhythm section, Pino Palladino and James Gadson, have the confidence to let Afie Jurvanen be a smooth and warm funkiness on this addictive track.

Loudest MF – Yellow Claw, Bok Nero – When folks call beats fresh, what they mean is this mind bending super stratospheric and relentless house beats that could only be improved with a rap on top.

Duck Duck Goose – cupcakKe – This is a dirty little nursery rhyme of completely addictive proportions by a modern down Millie Jackson: “I can make your dick stand up like statue of liberty one long sweet fuck…” Yup.

Bikini – Caroline Rose – It revs up like a rocker and seems to float in a netherworld swinging sixties with a gogo dancer being put in a little bikini while the world invents the martini and the band roars off.

Already Gone – Brett Dennen – This sounds like a song from any part of your life that you loved and somehow forgot and are listening to again and remembering how damn catchy it is. That transitional lick to the bridge is (should be) money in the bank.

PROUD – 2 Chainz, YG, Offset – Rappers love their mommies, from Kanye to 2Chainz it is a matriarchal society, and here 2Chainz makes itvery clear.

USA – Jeff Rosenstock – In this ugly American moment beyond all ugly American moments, here is the song that points the finger, a guitar based agitprop: “Dumbfounded, downtrodden and dejected,  crestfallen, grief-stricken and exhausted, trapped in my room while the house was burnin’ to the motherfuckin’ ground…” Sad but true.

Are You – Julian Michael – The best song on the final 50 Shades is yet another potential super hit that didn’t. Julia has only clicked (under her own name) with “Issues” but this is a typically excellent  pure pop  baffling miss.

Blue – Jessi Mason – Jessi tributes Joni with an imaginary conversation as she channels the great singer songwriter.

Looking Forward to the Past – Tommy Emmanuel, Rodney Crowell – Tommy has his eyes on real country beauty eyes, as he details a bad boy story and portrait of blue collar truck driving Conway Twitty fan with Rodney Crowell who would never call this Americana

Swimming With The Tide – Club 8 – A haunting electronica very melodic dream song.

Turn It Up – Bat Fangs – Riot Grrrl supergroup super powerful power punk rocker with a hook to spare


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