Beware: Ginger Baker Ten Show Residency At The Iridium!

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Ginger Baker Typecast…

Sure, you don’t need me to renew your faith in Ginger Baker, right? The mad so insane he makes Keith Moon look like, well, like somebody who isn’t Keith Moon. Baker is the wild man of rock and roll s well as the king of the 20 minute drum solo, something I suffered through back in 2005 at MSG.

But Baker at Iridium? Well, it isn’t Baker at MSG for one thing, and the man with the drum kit will be the center of attention with his hot stuff jazz band playing three songs in half an hour. Baker is become a bigger legend as he grows older, the man is an unholy terror in South Africa, that “Beware Of Mr. Baker” documentary sure added to it, as did his work with Fela Kunti, life long feud with Jack Bruce, superstar status through stints with Cream and Blind faith (and his own Air Force) .

Always a jazz fan, his inclinations lead him away from the 4 on the floor of the Moons and the Bonhams, the only two drummers you can really mention in the same breath, and now, in 2013, the Afro jazz and rock beats should come together for Bakers 5 night, 10 set stand at Iridium from October 9th to October 13th.

This is thrilling stuff and I would have assumed an instantaneous sell out, but, as of now, there are still tickets available. Baker isn’t a legend for being a junkie and he isn’t a legend for being a violent asshole, though apparently he is both, he is a legend for being a great drummer.

His latest album is a re-release of the unbelievably brilliant No Material (with the late lamented Sonny Sharrock) from 1987 and given Ginger is promising a jazz show we can but hope he taps into this wonderful stuff.

Unbelievably, there are still tickets available as of this writing.

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