Beyonce Tickets At Citi Field? 11K Of The Sucker On Stubhub…

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How is it possible? How can there be 11,000 plus tickets available for Beyonce’s first night at Cit Field. That must a typo right?The joint fits 45,000 and figure another 5,000 on the field, and a fifth of them are available on Stubhub alone.

Whenever there is the remotest  possibility of capitalism going off the rails, capitalism goes off the rails. In a world without heroes, the Yanks won’t let their fans sell their tickets at whatever price they like, whie they, and everybody else, floods the secondary market with tickets to anything you want.

Whatever happened to the benevolent, trickle down, everybody gets rich American Dream? Why did capitalism become monopoly and then go pitch black into robbing the middle class to feed the too big to fail While in the greand scheme of things, 11,000 tickets on the secondary market doesn’t matter that much. In th minutia of people paying double the cost of the ticket to pay off yet another layer of thieving motherfuckers is the way business is done. The ticket costs $75, add in charges and you’re at $110. My favorite? $5 for use of the facilities… how do they expect us to go to a show in a facility without using the faciities…?  that’s worse than handling charges, even after nobody actually handled the tickets… or the $3.95 print at home charge. They are charging us for doing their job.

But that’s capitalism for you, never give a sucker an even break and we are all big time suckers, all we we do is get screwed over. We charge the banks nothing for the loans we give them  and they charge us 25% for the loans they give us.

Mweanwhiole, if you wanna get a ticket to Bey it shouldn’t be so hard to find.


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