Billboard Chart 1996, When Things Were Rotten

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Magpies 17th Birthday Cake

















Seventeen years ago music was pretty lame.  When songs like “Macarena” rule the airwaves its brutal to say the least. The top 10 songs were so bad that theyre nearly unidentifiable.  This was my musical ‘dark days’.  Too old for punk and too bitter for pop I simply stopped listening to music.  I think aside from Cat Stevens, Joe Strummer, The Ramones and The Moody Blues, I listened to nothing at all.  These dark days produced embarrassing charts with performers who can fill an entire season of ‘Where Are They Now?”.

The television was actually better than today. Seinfeld and Friends- legendary stuff. But music?  Yeah take a pass.

December 3, 1996 was a pretty good day from what I recall though, that the day our own Mary Magpie was born. In honor of this musical fanatic I put her idol on her cake this year.  Pretty cool, eh?  Anyway, luckily she was screaming so loud she didn’t have to hear this crappy top 10

1-No Diggity BLACKstreet ft Dr Dre

2- Unbreak My Heart- Toni Braxton

3- It’s All Coming Back To Me Now- Celine Dion

4- Mouth-  Merril Bainbride

5- Nobody- Keith Sweat

6- Pony- Ginuwine

7- Dont Let Go (Love)- En Vogue

8- Where Do You Go- No Mercy

9- I Love You Always Forever -Donna Lewis

10- Im Still In Love With You- New Edition


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