Billy Zoom of X Speaks Out on his GoFundMe Campaign

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Billy Zoom, at age 67 has already kicked cancers ass and maintained the role of cheeky smiling guitarist for X for over 35 years.  Zoom has held court to the right of Exene Cervanka as a stead beacon of golden boy through years of tours and recordings.  

When last I saw the band in the tiny Webster Theater just last summer it appeared that there was no stopping any of them.  Demons conquered, heads on straight and fit as fiddles they owned the club and reigned as punk heroes.  But it seems lurking below the facade the ‘c’ word was back.  Recently a GoFundMe page has been set up for Billy to offset costs of illness cuz its back. Billy Zoom is currently undergoing chemotherapy in LA for bladder cancer and as we reported here, needs our financial hand.

Bad contracts and record deals in the past have led legends to live pretty regular life’s.  Most without proper health care or savings they’re in a jam and need our help. Some GoFundMe campaigns are crap.  But I figure it this way.  How many gigs of Billy and his band X did I sneak into?  I robbed the guy easily ten bucks each time- so me, Im in.  I owe him for the absolute joy he and X gave me.

Billy released a statement and in his words you see how very human and how very humble he is…

Statement from Billy Zoom:

My family and I are overwhelmed and deeply humbled by the outpouring of money, love, and support that we’ve received over past 24 hours. Facing months of cancer treatment is tough, but not as tough as worrying about taking care of my family through it all. We still hadn’t completely recovered financially from my last bout with cancer and I really wasn’t sure, aside from lots of prayer, how I was going to manage to keep our home and family together through this. Our twins turned nine years old last week, and I’ll be missing our entire touring season this year because of my treatments.

Our most heartfelt thanks go out to those of you who have contributed to our wellbeing so that our energies may be concentrated on beating this and reassuring our children that their daddy is going to be ok.

Again, heartfelt thanks to all of you from myself and my family.

Go fund him Click here

I will be seeing X with sit in replacement Jesse Dayton this Friday in Ridgefield, CT.  Be still my heart,

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