"Black Treacle", The Arctic Monkeys, Reviewed

Written by | February 7, 2012 0:05 am | No Comments


Ok who abducted The Arctic Monkeys after 'Florescent Adolescent" and replaced them with garbage?  No worries, cuz they're back!  Finally finally a song worthy of my ear time.

Although the chorus is horrid the rest actually zips me back to early days of the band.  "Black Treacle" doesn't suck at all.  Much more production buzz but vocally pure and vulnerable.  Maybe Alex Turner got dumped by all those model types that were making him in to a fashionista instead of a rocker.

The B side of this "You and I" is the gentle reminder that all is not well.  We have one out of two here.  The grungy redundant crap just doeesnt play well.

Love them or hate them?  Yes.  I love 'Black Treacle" and I hate "You and I".  They need to bring it back to what made them score a record deal in the first place. 

They're not The Beatles.  They cannot hop about as gracefully and maintain integrity.  Stay the course or its back to Vogue magazine to ya.


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