Bob Dylan’s The Bootleg Series Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965–1966, Disc Fifteen Reviewed

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The disc begins with the finished “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again”, begun a disc earlier, and then everybody takes a three week break and reconvened at the beginning of March, 1966 . Bobby calls the first song “Where Are You Tonight Sweet Marie”, which isn’t the name at all of course.  but it is absolute genius to rename it “Absolutely Sweet Marie”. Take 1 sounds finished but he decided to speed it up and just clean the lyric a little.

“Like A Woman” was the initial name for “Just Like A Woman” and the first line was “I can’t complain tonight…” instead of “Nobody feels any pain, tonight…”. Woody Allen ruined the song for all time in “Annie Hall”, you remember Shelley Duvall? ““Sex with you is really a Kafkaesque experience”. So yeah, that’s the song I cut out on.

“Pledging My Time” is masterful little blues rocker, with a great lyric and so much smarts and passion it emerges as major all this time later. Every take is fabulous, I wish he’d play it live from time to time. The all out rocker Take One is to my mind even better than the slower one that made it -indeed, if you wanna hear it is on the Cutting Room Sampler at better streaming services everywhere.


1. “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again” Take 14 (2/17/1966) Complete 7:04
2. “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again” Take 15 (2/17/1966) Released on Blonde On Blonde, 1966 7:07
3. “Absolutely Sweet Marie” (3/07/1966) Rehearsal 3:19
4. “Absolutely Sweet Marie” Take 1 (3/07/1966) Complete 5:02
5. “Absolutely Sweet Marie” Take 2 (3/07/1966) False start 0:22
6. “Absolutely Sweet Marie” Take 3 (3/07/1966) Released on Blonde On Blonde, 1966 4:57
7. “Absolutely Sweet Marie” (3/07/1966) Insert 1:17
8. “Just Like A Woman” Take 1 (3/08/1966) Complete 4:32
9. “Just Like A Woman” Take 2 (3/08/1966) Complete 5:13
10. “Just Like A Woman” Take 3 (3/08/1966) Complete 5:12
11. “Just Like A Woman” Take 4 (3/08/1966) Complete 5:19
12. “Pledging My Time” Take 1 (3/08/1966) Breakdown 3:26
13. “Pledging My Time” (3/08/1966) Rehearsal 1:11
14. “Pledging My Time” Take 2 (3/08/1966) False start 0:21
15. “Pledging My Time” Take 3 (3/08/1966) Released on Blonde On Blonde, 1966 4:04
16. “Just Like A Woman” Take 5 (3/08/1966) False start 1:15
17. “Just Like A Woman” Take 6 (3/08/1966) Breakdown


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