Bono Became The Richest Rock Star In the World With Facebook

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According to NME, Bono may now be the richest musician in the world!! Since the U2 singer owns 2.3% of the Facebook shares, when the social network’s IPO started trading on Friday, he became richer than Paul McCartney, and so richer than everybody else in the music business.


Difficult to realize, but Facebook is now worth over $100 billion, and even though the exact amount of Bono’s shares is undetermined, as he owns them through his investment group, Elevation Partners, what he got is certainly not pocket money. NME, Rolling Stone and other websites are bringing up the huge sum of $1.5 billion….


However, the always rabid TMZ reporters caught him in Washington DC on his way to a fundraiser for president Obama, asked him if he knew he was the richest rock star in the world, and Bono had just this to respond ‘I don’t think it’s true’.


Yeah, right, when the Washington post, the Herald Sun and everybody else is saying the contrary! Bono, with all that superfluous money, it is now time to put an end on AIDS once for all, it’s time to put your Christian rock into practice, you have the power! Now you are like Jesus with a lot of money, I mean you already had a lot of money, but now it looks like a divine benediction, a sign of god,… you are truly the chosen one,… so endorse your messianic destiny and give away the money,… but not just the 1% you generously donated last time, you have to do better than this to show you are not just a poseur.

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