BØRNS At Twilight Concert Series, Thursday July 14th 2016

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There was such a big crowd for BØRNS on the Santa Monica Pier that I thought I would have to resign trying to get closer and watch the concert from afar. He was performing a free concert on the pier during the annual Twilight Concert Series, and the place was packed to the max and had turned into a mini Coachella. After playing his hit ‘Electric Love’, he disappeared and most people were already leaving, believing it was the end of the concert, which usually ends around that time, 10 pm… I got closer to the stage, and when I reached the front barricade, he came back on stage for an encore, and I got the chance to shoot some close ups… and to realize what an ethereal beauty BØRNS is. With his open shirt, his long curly hair floating in the sea breeze and his stare lost in the vague, he looked like a Botticelli painting, moving with grace with an out-of-this-world and very androgynous presence. During the encore he sang Arcade Fire’s ‘Rebellion’, followed by David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, and this was about perfect at so many levels.
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