Boy Epic At It’s A School Night, Monday November 20th 2017

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Boy Epic


There was something very dramatic about Boy Epic’s performance at It’s a School Night. Every Monday night, the trendy club Bardot showcases new and upcoming young artists and the Dallas-born singer songwriter made a big impression on the crowd with only drums and computers on stage, and some impressive lighting.

Boy Epic cultivates the mystery (I could not even find his real name) with a look cut for leading roles in romantic movies and an intense way to present himself on stage. His charismatic set was all about abrupt and violent moves, furious drum beating and passionate delivery. On stage, the result has all the drama of hip hop – I had in mind Kendrick Lamar’s performance using real fire at the FYF fest – the intensity and buoyancy of electronica, while Boy Epic’s pop songs were always (and obviously) aiming to the epic. Should I had that he has a song called ‘Kanye’s In My Head’? He has said himself, ‘I am a character living in my own movie’, and the theatrical aspect of his show was undeniable, pushing the spectacle to grandiose levels, even inside a club as small as Bardot. His alluring presence on stage was that of a rock star – or should I say movie star? – taking the mic in one hand to get close to the public, pushing his thunderous mix of hooky lyrics and powerful beats to the next level.

Boy Epic has been making waves since 2014 on YouTube with very successful cover videos of A Great Big World’s ‘Say Something’ and Christina Perri’s ‘Human’ which have now received an impressive amount of views (respectively 8.5 million and 1.9 million).

The music was extremely layered and quite tricky to describe, while its dark, sensual and mysterious side was accentuated by plenty of electronic noises and the use of a voice changer microphone producing haunting vocals going from beast-like tones to heavenly chorales. If it was difficult to make sense of the lyrics, a heavy sexiness mixed with a flamboyant style are revealed once you look at them, ‘They’re just shooting cannons/You’re all that I adore/Bring me to your palace’ he sings in ‘In Trust’, ‘Forever on the floor/Don’t ever stop/I want more/Like nails on my skin/Swallow my sins/Hurt me, hurt me again’, he croons in ‘50 Shades’, which obviously draws its inspiration from a famous movie,… as a matter of fact, You Epic has already released a trilogy of short films to showcase his dark and polished style. ‘I want my music to grab people by the soul,’ he said in an interview. ‘Not just because of my voice or the lyrics, but because of the sounds. I want people to close their eyes and feel like they’re listening to a movie.’ And that’s probably the reason why he has signed to Hollywood Records.

Boy Epic wants to keep it dangerous and tense, with a cinematic vibe and a very bombastic style. At Bardot, he ended his set with the emotional and swollen atmosphere of ‘Scars’ which sounded like the soundtrack the next James Bond movie, following a Sinatra interlude… keep it classy! There’s definitively an edge to everything he does, he invites you to enter his voluptuous world of sounds at each song, and it’s difficult to not succumb to the temptation.

Up Down
Kanye’s In My Head
Dirty Mind
Sinatra Interlude


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