Brian May, "The Voice Is An Insult To Music"

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Brian ‘Fluffy’ May














That fluffy headed guy from the legendary band Queen ended up being one of the coolest dudes ever.  Brian May is an absurdly educated, animal and social activist who is not only articulate but forthright in his strong opinions and beliefs. Not your typical aging (he’s 65 now) rock star content to sit on their throne and dream of their former tight pants.

Despite the idiotic Queen singer contest (for real,what was that lapse of reason?!) he has been shameless.  Add more cool points for his latest rant about the God awful show, The Voice.

“Sorry, hate to be negative but The Voice is the dullest, dumbest, most depressing show on TV,’ he wrote on his website. ‘It’s the ultimate insult to music and to performers.’ The musician feels bad for contestants as the celebrity judges won’t even look at them while they belt out a tune.

The brutal process makes him feel ill if he watches the entertainment show.

‘Every time I catch a glimpse of young singers busting their guts trying to win somebody’s attention, who is rudely sitting with their back to them… I feel sick,’  he continued.

I never even stopped to think about how rude that really is- if we like you, we’ll turn around, wow, that IS harsh!  There is an American and  British version, the British program has Tom Jones as one of the judges  Tom Jones, The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue, Jessie J and to be exact.  Better thank Shakira, Cee Lo and Levine? or is it Usher now..wait who?

Says May about his home town line up, “I hate seeing the great Tom Jones shoehorned into this scenario,’ Brian added. ‘I hope this vile show dies a natural death very soon.’


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