Bright Eyes and First Aid Kit "We Are Going To Be Friends"

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So there may be 'no new music' cuz of the holidays and all but hey now Spotify thanks a million for putting up this song.  I had originally heard this song in Napoleon Dynamite, an adorable dorky song.  First mad props to that movie, I (to this day) will randomly shout out a quote from it and dont get me anywhere near tater tots or Im on a roll.

Recorded for the charity "Lunchbox Fund", this song is the perfect mixing of a really strong accent and the light melody running in the background.  You could hear this in an elementary school without a doubt. 

First Aid Kit is a Swedish sister duet- who I swear have Irish accents in this song.  Regardless its adorable as well.  Yeah, its not the White Stripes but it is a lovely bouncy simple song.

Bright Eyes of course gives it some substance.  A soft raspy spoken sing song.  Not too shabby and hipster paradise right in a song.


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