Buddy Holly Would be?

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Not sure if he would be proud or disturbed by these two tributes.

First up Patrick Stump- now solo Fall Out Boy with the pipes of an angel and the stylist with skills. A ridiculously gorgeous version of a classic that shouldn't be screwed with.  I adore the strings and the harmonizing is chilling.

I really hope Stump finds his place in the music world soon.  Why has no one scooped this guy up and ushered him to mega stardom yet?  Wake up! 

This version of "Everyday", couldn't be a more well done tribute..

And then hell comes to your house.  Why Cobra Starship was legally able to take on "Peggy Sue" is beyond me. Gabe Saporta's arrogant swag is a disgrace to the innocence the song first had.  I can say that instrumentally it is adventurous.  Its the vocal that sucks hardcore.  Why the hell did they let  Mrs Gerard Way get a mic anyway?  Both songs are on the currently available trib to Holly titled "Listen To Me"

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