Bush Covers "Landslide" and No One Falls Off The Roof

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Here is a video of Bush's Gavin Rossdale singing Fleetwood Macs "Landslide".  Guitarist Christ Traynor sits on a hand rail on what appears to be a rooftop.  The really twisted side of me wished he would have fallen over (and landed safely and bla bla bla).  My hopes for this are what allowed me to watch this entire self serving masturbatory love fest Gavin was having.

"Landside", is a lovely song but to cover it is nothing more than a melancholy look back on what a mess you are.  What the hell has Bush been doing anyway?  I know that Gavin is a  dad now and busy with daycare and all but this?  C'mon already man up.  This video was uploaded on the bands Facebook page- with a big ass note from Rossdale.

It begins with:

Where do I start?
Perhaps my insomnia,unfinished business,cold sweats,
Regret,desire,ambition and creativity– all
Compelled me to actually do what I had been dreaming of since…..well since always it feels like….
To go back to bush
To speed in the ride of my life
To make sense of what was missing so bad…

and ends with this video.  Really its just too much bla bla bla for me to tolerate and a horrid cover too boot.  If you're interested in his ramblings click here http://www.facebook.com/BushOfficial/posts/203706943046337

 if you're suicidal and have nothing to live for—watch this


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