Buy The Catchy ‘One Step at a Time’ To Raise Money For The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

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Donna, Vince and musicians Richard Duguay and Tony Matteucci


When two old friends unite to write music together, they end up writing a cool song with a 80’s-90’s inspiration and a catchy melody. Who would have known that journalist, California Rocker owner and editor Donna Balancia and veteran punk rocker Vince Conrad (The Smart Pills, The Aliens, American Bad Taste) could unite for an original song? ‘One Step at a Time’ is the first tune you will hear from them, but it is actually one track from their upcoming EP ‘City Streets.’
One Step at a Time’ has a big hook, a chorus that will probably stay with you at the first listening, the guitar work reminds me about something from the Cars, married with melodious backup vocals, while singer Donna Balancia manages to sound like a more upbeat Aimee Mann on this one.

This is what they had to say about the theme of their uplifting song: ‘What do YOU do when you need to rebuild your life? Whether it’s after a breakup or life event, you need to summon energy and move ahead.’

People in Texas who have been touched by Hurricane Harvey effectively need to rebuild their lives and move ahead, but they will need a lot of support, and that’s why a portion of the sales will go to victims of Hurricane Harvey. Donna and Vince’s EP is set to be released in November but they have decided to make this track available a bit earlier to help raise money for the victims of the hurricane. This is an excellent cause, much needed, and the song is a blast, so you know what you have to do.


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