Calm before the storm: Hurricane Irene Playlist

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With Hurricane Irene coming up my way, I've got to have a good playlist for when it's storming.


Board up your windows and turn on the music.


1.  "Hurricane"- Panic! At The Disco.  The irony with the title is enough.

2.  "Umbrella"(cover)- All Time Low.  You can stand under my umbrella.  Unless it's really raining hard.

3.  "Singin' In The Rain".  Maybe actually doing this would be a bad idea, but at least it's a positive song about the weather.

4.  "Into The Ocean"- Blue October.  Though it may not be a tsunami, there's probable flooding.

5.  "No Sunlight"- Death Cab For Cutie.  It'll be cloudy and gloomy.

6. "Caught In The Rain"- October Fall.  I totally forgot about this tune, but now it'll be an addition on my rainy day playlist.

7.  "Northern Downpour"- Panic At The Disco.  This is always on my rain playlist.  It goes perfectly with the pitter patter of the drops falling.

8.  "Four Winds"- Bright Eyes.  It's upbeat and catchy, what you kind of need for a day when it's really pouring.
Stay safe everyone, prepare for that hurricane!


Hel Sez:

Not too shabby, Magpie but you left out the classics

1- Scorpions "Rock Me Like a  Hurricane"- hair metal at its finest- waterproof hairspray required

2- Bob Dylan "Hurricane", the way he says 'poooolaaabluuud', makes the song top notch

3- Flash and The Pan "Walkin' In The Rain", what the hell sorta accent is that?

4- The Doors "Riders On The Storm"… nice intro

5- The Association "Windy", couldnt resist


Ok, I'll stop there.


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