Cambridge Analytica Linked Musical Tastes to Personality

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As you know by now, the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica collected data from more than 50 million Facebook users to build behavioral and personality models, in order to target voters and influence their political views. Based on what you like through your Facebook profile, it’s possible to determine certain personality traits, and these researchers believe it was also possible to predict political views.

Cambridge Analytica now says the user data collected on Facebook were destroyed, but the goal was rather to build a model in order to manipulate people’s behavior and vote. As a matter of fact, Facebook users often volunteer to take personality tests online and that was even the case of many who took a quiz through a myPersonality app., which even made things easier.

According to the NY Times, researchers at Stanford University and Cambridge University’s Psychometrics Center built a model that could assess a person’s personality using their Facebook likes alone, After testing the models, ‘the researchers found that the model, using just 10 likes, was more accurate than a work colleague. With 70 likes, it was more accurate than a friend or roommate; with 150, more accurate than a family member; and with 300, more accurate than a spouse.’

So what’s the relationship with music? It’s easy to understand that the likes related to specific musicians were also collected as music tastes also tell a lot about someone’s personality. And here are the results:

You are most open if you like Tom Waits and Björk, and you are least open if you prefer English singer Cheryl Cole, American country singers Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

You are most extrovert if you like American rappers Waka Flocka Flame or Gucci Mane and least extroverted if you like metal band Nightwish.

You are the most agreeable if you like Christian rock band Casting Crowns, country band Rascal Flatts, rock band Relient K, and least agreeable if you like Marilyn Manson, German band Rammstein, Placebo, Judas Priest.

You are the most neurotic if you like Marilyn Manson, rock band Escape the Fate, Placebo and the Smiths..

There’s nothing new about connecting musical tastes with personalities, it’s just interesting it was used in this huge facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal. The funny thing is that I can’t relate to the majority of these bands, I didn’t even know most of them, it’s almost odd that the names of Tom Waits and Björk and the Smiths are found here, and I guess I can conclude I am very open and somewhat neurotic, but I already knew that.

By the way, I tried one of the personality tests, Applymagicsauce on the Cambridge page (they ask you to connect with your social media and give you a result) and if the personality traits were very accurate, they predicted I was a 27 year-old male!


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