Cannes Cold Reception for Gossip's Rendition Of 'Candle In The Wind'

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You just have to wonder if they were the right band to cover this overplayed Elton John’s song! The Indie band Gossip played ‘Candle In The Wind’ at the opening ceremony of the Cannes film festival, and the least we can say is that the crowd was not very responsive,…  ‘Are you alive?’ said Beth Ditto at one point, but may be you can’t blame them as the band didn’t seem to be really into it, Beth butchered a little bit the lyrics at one point and their arrangement was a little sloppy, but I would say in a good way! At least, they were not trying to take the easy road.


But at the top of everything, Beth Ditto’s confidence facing a rather cold audience is very funny to watch. Wearing a Marilyn Monroe-esque dress, at mid-song, she boldly addressed the public with a Dolly Parton’s accent: ‘It’s a tough crowd! It’s a though crowd… You know what they say, you can love it or hate it, I still get paid.’


Was it a sort of fuck you? You can say that, and designer Jean Paul Gaultier, sitting on the jury panel, seemed to be the only one having a good time!


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