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Written by | November 8, 2015 6:54 | No Comments

Ten years ago, I saw ‘The Devil and Daniel Johnston’, a documentary about the manic depressive singer songwriter, and it was hard and painful to watch, as madness is always very disarming and cruel. This new short film, directed by Gabriel Sunday, chronicles the imaginary meeting between the Daniel Johnston of 2015 and his younger self in 1983, when he was making his album ‘Hi, How Are You’.

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Written by | October 18, 2015 9:24 | No Comments

I understand why Colin Hanks (Tom’s son by the way) wanted to tell the story of a guy who started selling records out of his father’s drug store, to become an American retail powerhouse. It’s a success story with a big heart, Solomon was at the right place at the right time as someone says in the movie, and eventually he saw the end of his adventure, but doesn’t show an ounce of bitterness.

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Written by | October 13, 2015 16:14 | No Comments

You may wonder why Gutterdämmerung is advertised as the loudest silent movie on earth, since a cast like this one is sure to bring lots of decibels to the soundtrack, but the concept of the movie borrows to the tradition of classic movies of 1920’s Hollywood: the film is mostly silent but instead of a piano accompanying the screening, a rock band will perform live.

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Written by | October 9, 2015 6:25 | No Comments

Rollins is really excellent in the role of this dark character, flesh-eating vampire, suddenly turned superhero despite his beastie tendencies. He is extremely strong even invincible, and has taken more bullets in his body than he can count, but he plays Jack with a lot of ambiguities, in the sense that he is never the bad or the good guy, he coldly kills and eats humans but saves his daughter.

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Written by | October 3, 2015 5:31 | No Comments

Jack’s routine of bingo and cannibalism is severely hampered when his past returns to haunt him as Andrea is kidnapped by men intent on killing him. With a history of murder to reference, Jack heads out on a bloody rampage of revenge and redemption. Rollins’ force-of-nature performance in a rare leading role is a weird and wonderful joy to watch.’

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Written by | September 25, 2015 9:03 | No Comments

It is very difficult to speak about your own art, most artists avoid it, but if you are going to make a movie about it, wouldn’t be nice to learn a bit of something? I am not talking about an overanalyze of lyrics or music, but there must be some middle ground between an old VH1 documentary, ‘the making of’ type they were showing in the 90’s, and this series of impressionistic clips, with occasional voices off camera mentioning vague philosophical references.

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Written by | July 10, 2015 14:14 | No Comments

The film is set in 1970’s London and is apparently not a biopic as it rather follows a young boy ‘whose life changes dramatically when his estranged mother (played by Natasha McElhone who played Karen in ‘Californication’) introduces him to the music of The Clash’, by sending him a cassette of “White Riot.”

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Written by | May 13, 2015 14:50 | No Comments

Cobain’s death was ruled a suicide by the Seattle Police Department shortly after his body was found, but 21 years later, suspicions and theories around the events leading to his death have never been more alive, and a long series of inconsistencies, oddities and plain weirdness (including taped phone conversations with Courtney Love) have let Tom Grant to continue his investigation about the case till this day

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Written by | May 11, 2015 17:04 | No Comments

We want a high spirit very musical romp, not this downcasted miserable look at lives wasted. It is, in fact, a big time bummer. As star vehicles go, why are we watching “The Threepenny Opera”. Sure, it is better than every musical since “Passion” but it is still a downer experience. Did they really drag all these octogenarians out of their beds to tell them this?

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Written by | May 9, 2015 14:29 | No Comments

I was with a friend who is an Elliott Smith outsider as she said, and I would say that the movie works very well for people like her. It introduces them to Elliott’s beautiful music and charming character, someone who just wanted to write songs and record them, someone who was living for his art

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Written by | April 26, 2015 6:52 | No Comments

The movie, directed by A.M. Bushe, is in black and white, and even features grainy shaky super 8 footages. It also features in-depth interviews, performances, and commentary from many career musicians including Ben Smith (Heart), Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), Danny T. Levin (Vampire Weekend, Julian Casablancas), David Moyer (U2, Snoop Dogg, Tears for Fears, Broken Bells)

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Written by | March 7, 2015 0:08 | No Comments

I am talking about a period way before the digital age, where information was not available as it is now,… I got the chance to see the Los Angeles premiere of ‘The Wrecking Crew’ at Sonos Studios last Wednesday night, and I got the revelation: Hundreds of hit records of the 60s were recorded using the same collective of Los Angeles musicians

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Written by | March 2, 2015 0:07 | No Comments

The myth of the D.C. Straight Edge is another thing the movie should clear up, it just started as a reaction against venues with age restrictions due to alcohol consumption, and punk teenagers just wanted teenagers to be able to attend gigs. Despite the fact that MacKaye has never wanted to be a movement (that would have been very un-punk) the term has pursued him to this day, to his greatest aggravation.

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Written by | February 27, 2015 0:06 | No Comments

This time it is Brian Wilson’s turn, played by the brilliant Paul Dano. I like this guy so this upcoming movie can’t be a total mess right? ‘Love & Mercy’, directed by Bill Pohlad (‘The Tree of Life’) from a script by Oren Moverman and Michael Alan Lerner, will be released on June 5th in a theater near you. The movie, which narrates the career of the Beach Boys and their rise to the top of the world of rock & roll, has a new trailer

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Written by | January 11, 2015 0:08 | No Comments

if it is a new career for Love, it’s definitively a modest new beginning. Never mind, the Hole frontwoman is still a diva and makes it very clear, she can relate to the story: the opera is about two Midwestern lovers, who are pulled apart by the woman’s ambition, which takes her to New York City.

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Written by | January 9, 2015 0:05 | No Comments

For “Into The Woods” she is Cinderella as an ordinary girl but her singing was out of the ordinary and it was the singing that pushes her out of the cinders, away from the Prince’s provocation. Prince Charming is found in song and not in person. That is the moral of the story, it is that you are not alone through song.

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Written by | December 27, 2014 0:08 | No Comments

I ended up sitting at the front – well the theater was packed – and the room was filled with gay couples (surprised?) and families with children… But is it a kid movie? Yes and no, mostly no

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Written by | December 6, 2014 0:07 | one response

She was hoping to make a film that revealed a deeper understanding of Kurt than had been depicted in the media. While several parties control rights to Kurt’s music, Courtney and her daughter, are the sole rights holders to Kurt’s belongings, which are used quite readily throughout the film

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Written by | November 29, 2014 0:08 | No Comments

When they met in Cambridge in 1963, she is in the arts, he is in science, she goes to church and he is an atheist, ‘I have a slight problem with the celestial dictatorship premise’, he tells her

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Written by | October 1, 2014 0:05 | No Comments

I have no real excuse for posting a movie trailer on a music blog, except that we review movies sometimes, and that music is always like a central character in Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies: this new one has the voice of indie harpist Joanna Newsom, who is serving as the film’s narrator in the movie

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Written by | July 24, 2014 0:06 | No Comments

No messing: the end of the first act, when Spiderman battles Green Lantern, every promise Julie Taymor has made as a savant of the theatre is potentially answered. To say it is eye popping is to understate: Lantern and Spidey literally swing from the rafters and while the wire are visible, it is beautiful in ways Cirque De Soleil never ever is.

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