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Aug 29 1985 – The A+ List
“Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You),” Dramarama. While there are plenty of songs about romantic infatuation, singer John Easdale conveys almost a life or death need for validation on “Anything, Anything.” Hormonal angst rock at its finest.
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Aug 29 Bruce Springsteen Writes Kids Books, Just Like Huck Finn Blues
When Bruce wrote Outlaw Pete he didn’t just write a great song, he created a great character. The first time I heard the song this book played out in my head. Like Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Dorothy Gale and, for me, even Popeye, Outlaw Pete cuts deep into the folklore of our country and weaves its way into the fabric of great American literary characters.”
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Aug 29 Watch Grimes’ New Video For ‘Go’ If You Are Really Bored
I am not a big fan of EDM music – this is the least I can say – and although Grimes is easy on the eyes, this boring rhythms and mellow pseudo-R&B melody, which could have easily been sung by any sexy hot number of the moment, do not excite me at all
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Aug 29 No VIPs For Savages
I won’t go to a music festival without a VIP pass and I am not the slightest bit elitist I promise you, I just can’t see any percentage in checking out a band from a million miles away. It is all downside and if you won’t or can’t pay the freight, you won’t or can’t get close, well, what you are getting is what you paid.
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Aug 29 Bethany Consentino Is On Next Weezer’s Album
I’m getting together with Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast and we’re going to write a song. You never know where these songs are going to end up but it could be on the next Weezer record.’
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Aug 29 CMJ 2014 Line Up: Beware Of Wytches
You know why time flies when you run a music website? Because you are always planning three months in advance […]
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Aug 29 10 Songs: Friday, August 29th, 2014
The difference between Johnny and his former band The Drums (I mean the Drums of the first two albums) is swing, which Aries doesn’t do enough on this the title track of his new album. But the mood? The mood is very similar – B+
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Aug 28 Hamish Hamilton’s “David Bowie Is” Reviewed
Nothing is gonna get you too close to Bowie because Bowie has never wanted you to get too close to him. Perhaps his greatest gift was to be so much to so many people while maintaining a mystery, a mystery “Is” doesn’t come close to mastering.
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Aug 28 When A Summer Hit Is Plain Plagiarism
She co-wrote the song with Grammy Award-nominated songwriter Kevin Kadish, but unfortunately for the two, there is now a big controversy: she and Kadish may have simply stolen the tune from K-pop band Koyote, who, as many people have pointed out, carries a wild similarity with another tune by the popular band Ph
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Aug 28 The Kinks reunion Set For 2014, But No Dave Davies???
I don’t believe the Kinks without Dave is the Kinks, it is something else. Ray might as well get an orchestra again: “Yes, it would. I think it’s all down to the music. If somebody can’t or won’t play, there are other players out there. Mick and I want to do it.”
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Aug 28 Pick Next Years City Park Foundation Band… I Say Chance The Rapper Or True Groove Records
Now is your chance to vote but don’t bother with a Taylor Swift or something (though Tay doing a Diana Ross would be a blast) because then you’d never get in. I would actually love True Groove Records to get their own day. Anyway vote as you choose: here is the info.
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Aug 28 Not With The Band: On People’s Restless Behavior During Concerts
She had a glass of beer in one hand (of course) her iPhone in the other one, and I wonder where she was during the whole show, loudly chatting on her phone? Good thing she was not around. Why was she even showing up, that’s my question. Next time, check the number on your ticket, and don’t annoy people who want to listen.
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Aug 28 US Top 10 Albums 9-6-14
beyond lame and that is if you accept that I underestimated Wiz a little. Though how much can you underestimate a man who spends his life writing love letters to marijuana leafs? And doesn’t even have a sense of humor about it.
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Aug 28 US Top 10 Singles 9-6-14
Nearly 600K units moved in the first week, tops in streaming without any streaming services having it, and the fourth most popular first week if akk time AND Taylor already owns another one of them (“Never Ever, etc…”) and, her 60th (yes you read that right, right. It looks like a typo!) Top 100 song. Man, our girl can bring it.
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Aug 28 10 Songs: Thursday, August 28th, 2014
Ancient Ways – Interpol – A nice stirring of the pot roiling and reeling sound by a band I have never liked in the slightest but have pulled off a pretty good little ambient rocker – B
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Artist: Music Festivals

FYF Fest Day One, Part 1, Saturday August 23rd 2014

I continue to go to music festivals despite my hate and love relationship with them, it’s probably the worst place to see a band, as it’s gonna be hot and very crowded, and you are gonna be tired and thirsty… My first day at the FYF fest this year was a perfect example of all this, I struggled the whole day and it was (almost) no fun


FYF Fest Day One, Part 2, Saturday August 23rd 2014

I stayed at the main stage to see Future Islands, with its very theatrical frontman Samuel T. Herring doing grand gestures […]


FYF Fest Day One, More Frustration Than Fun

As I was walking (and I did a LOT of walking that day) I could not see the end of the line, they made us walk and walk around some structure and a parking lot and it took me forever just to reach the end of the line. Then it took me again forever to reach the entrance gate, more than an hour to be exact!


Echo Park Rising Day 3, Sunday August 17th 2014

Day three (and last day) at Echo Park Rising was concentrated inside the Echo /Echoplex. There was still a lot going on about everywhere, but there was already so much to see inside the two-level club, and the twelve or so bands that I saw there kept me very busy.


Echo Park Rising Day 2, Saturday August 16th 2014, Reviewed

There was a grrrl riot in the making with Sex Stains, a provocative moniker for two bold women, Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Partyline) and choreographer Mecca Vazie Andrews (artistic director of The MOVEMENT). Allison with her shark-week dress and ocean-blue lipstick and Mecca


Echo Park Rising Day 1, Friday August 15th 2014

Tthe festival is happening over 20 locations, stretching along Sunset Boulevard and beyond, and it has become a real challenge to run from one place to another, going indoors then outdoors then indoors again, inside the Taix restaurant, inside the Echo, down to the Echoplex, back to the outdoor main stage, I am already exhausted


More Controversy Before Made In America Arrives In Los Angeles

You know how it works, only people who disagree protest, but if Facebook comments can be any indication of the […]


Growing Out Of Warped Tour

I used to be one of those kids. I could barely sleep the night before, woke up stoked, and spent the entire day covered in sweat, running around to catch the fifteen plus bands I wanted to see, and meeting friends. This year, I realized that I’ve officially grown out of Warped