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Written by | November 14, 2015 14:40 | No Comments

Written by Dion and I coulda sworn it was Paul’s, but they are both here capturing the streets of the city that birthed them. “Hard as concrete, soft as the summer breeze”, refers to a girl but we know love lives in the urban jungle ode to this place – A

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Written by | November 8, 2015 5:23 | No Comments

Can’t Get Enough Of Myself (feat B.C.) – Santigold – Undeniable neo-soul while being much much weirder: the whistles and toots on the background give it a strange childlike quality and the singers success Michael Jackson when he ws still pre-teen. not the voice. The tempo and timing – A-

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Written by | October 31, 2015 12:54 | No Comments

Angels (feat Saba) – Chance The Rapper – Chance has sold out Terminal 5 twice and he still hasn’t released a single. This might be the first song off the eagerly anticipated and if so it is a flawless dreamrap, a beautiful backing track and a smooth, sweet rap, man, wow, “I’ve got angels all around me that keep me surrounded” or maybe “wop wap da bam” – A

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Written by | October 25, 2015 16:26 | No Comments

“Is it too late now to say sorry because I’m missing more than your body…” only not as bad as that makes it sound, a clever leg kicking conga, with Skrillex providing a really addictive track, you can’t count the hooks from the always apologetic former bad boy, though that one drum double time beat is the killer – B

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Written by | October 17, 2015 7:28 | No Comments

Perfect – One Direction – They look like the Beatles circa For Sale, a little worn out, and a little drugged out, but they sound about the same, trading off verses to bland out professions of love. The best song off the newbie to my mind, and the hook is clever enough, but when other people write your material it is difficult to grow up – B

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Written by | October 11, 2015 11:37 | No Comments

Claustrophobe – Laura Stevenson – This isn’t indie or alt, it is a classic rock rave up with a smashing vocal on top and all those things we love about rock and don’t hear ever any more. Readying her third (solo) album, this should be the one that 30 years ago would’ve broken her pop. A great song – A

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Written by | September 27, 2015 17:27 | No Comments

BURNITUP!! feat Missy Elliot – Janet Jackson – of all happy words of tongue and pen, the happiest is this: featuring Missy Elliott. Third is the charm for Janet with Missy doing what she does, bringing complete precision and intelligence and spirit to every thing she does. masterful – A

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Written by | September 19, 2015 10:26 | No Comments

Whatever you might think of Beyonce, she has exquisite taste in collaborators and they don’t get much better than Naughty Boy. The master producer already has a track record and anybody who heard his Zayn Malik track from earlier this year can only pray they work together on Zayn’s solo comeback. Till then, this is a high falutin’ ballad with Bey tackling the hook like a real pro, absolutely giving over to it. Arrow, who handles a verse like a pro, I have never heard of but we all will after this – B+

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Written by | August 29, 2015 7:37 | No Comments

What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber – I never bought Bieber as the anti-Christ, just a garden variety teenage brat with a whole lotta power to wield his brattishness. But I never much cared for him musically either, so his post teens, post Diplo/Skrillex exercise in grown up EDM, this first single off his upcoming fourth album is an low key and pretty calypso flavored synth track that does the job. Good move – B

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Written by | August 22, 2015 8:36 | No Comments

Ride (Feat Icona Pop) – Lowell – This is catchy EDM as bubblegum move helped a lot by the always pleasant Icona Pop who give the song a terrific anthem lift off and while the whole fire in your heart is a little moldy they sell it well. Completely catchy, I hope it breaks pop big time – A-

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Written by | August 15, 2015 18:02 | No Comments

There is a direct line, heading straight down, connecting the Buzzcocks thru Green Day to this Australian boy band. 5SOS aren’t the worst at this, “She’s So Perfect” is pretty good for one, and they are harmless live, but this one misses out as it sucks off their audience, finding good everywhere – C-

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Written by | August 9, 2015 13:35 | No Comments

Body On Me -Rita Ora and Chris Brown – Rita seemed to have the promise of a little more than a cookie cutter EDM gal singing faux-soul disco over beats, whereas Chris Brown was always one of the crowd. Together they took a relatively smart beat and did nothing much with it. Works on the dancefloor, no doubt – C

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