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Look at tickets to a concert like seats on an airplane, if they haven’t sold that ticket on the day of the show, they sure can’t sell a ticket the day after the concert, so they have to sell every single piece of inventory and they can’t. The dirty little secret is that arund 50% of the tickets to concerts don’t sell. Sure, Bruce and Tay Tay, Kendrick and Neyonce, they will sell out. But other folks don’t. Clapton isn’t sold out tomorrow FOR HIS LAST CONCERT EVER IN NYC. U2 aren’t selling out. City Winery doesn’t sell out. BB King’s sometimes can’t GIVE THE TICKETS AWAY. Hell, McCartney hasn’t sold out one date in NYC.

What to do?

Sell em at discount everywhere you turn.

Ticketmaster tend to bundle twofers.

Goldstar are humongously  discounted. I just bought a ticket at $34 (including handling fee), for “La Boheme” at the Met… THIRTY FOUR BUCKS???

What gives?

1 – The tickets are too expensive

2 – The money is in touring so musicians tour too often.

People are waiting longer and longer to buy tickets, you can get real cheap seats at Stubhub, Vivid, all those ticketbrokers. Sure, sometimes they cost an arm and a leg, but really, I noticed  $15 seats to Earth , Wind, And Fire. Cheaper for the Yankees. Ticketnow hold their prices but everywhere else it is the Wild west.

All Goldstar do is sell top acts at discounted prices, heavily discounted, sometimes 75% off.

And if that isn’t enough, Groupon are dirt cheap. And if THAT ISN’T ENOUGH, sheds like Jones Beach will sell you lawn seats for less than the cost of a movie, and that isn’t even from a broker, that’s direct. It is like society as a whole, some people have front row and a meet and greet with the artist, other people need an oxygen mask, but the difference between $850 and $15 is so much, who at our middle class level can resist the $15.




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