Checking The Setlist Before You See The Concert

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We all do it, and we all should do it, I consider it homework, but what do we learn from it… let’s take a peek at some upcoming concerts setlists.

Arcade Fire – A flawless setlist from Arcade Fire, every album (and all of em are pretty good) are well represented, it has a run of songs through the first hour that is simply breathtaking – A+

Blondie – Not only is the set on the skimpy side with just 14 songs, 4 off the new one, but also only two off Parallel Lines, and nothing from the first two albums. It starts off with a real bang (“One Way Or Another” into “Hanging On The Telephone”) and then a huge lull including a useless Dylan cover   – C+

Bruno Mars – Way too 24K Magic heavy, seven songs is three too many – C+

Ed Sheeran – Heavy on Divide (an album I worship), but too light on Plus. Coulda done with “Even My Dad Does Sometimes”  – B-

Fall Out Boys – This may have been a one off but if it was a one off it was a goodie. It blazes through the mid-section – B+

Harry Styles – This may change, I think, but maybe not. The entire album, plus, for some weird reason “Ultralight Beam” plus one measly One Direction song and not one you want… – C+

Katy Perry – Wait a second, one song off Teenage Dreams? ONE ?? Maybe she should go back to sleep now – C-

Kendrick Lamar – Hmmm, nine songs off Damn., and only tastes off his previous albums. The good news is that Damn is humongous, the bad news is I prefer the others – C+

Lady Gaga – A nice touch of everything from everywhere, but it stalls early and doesn’t straighten out till the encore. Around the midway point she goes from “Telephone” into “Alejandro” – B

LCD Soundsystem – For the mathematically inclined, four from each album – B+

My Morning Jacket – Heavy, heavy on their last two, lousy, albums with some Evil Urges thrown in at the end – C-

Paramore – Too much off the newbie and they play “Still Into You” too early – C+

Paul McCartney – Relatively good stuff, I count three new songs, only “My Valentine” a woofer, and only one oldie  dog”Here Today”. Both of the songs off his new album are very good – A-

PJ Harvey – As above, and worse, nine out of thirteen songs are from the last two and the first eight songs are all new vintage – D+

Queens Of The Stone Age – Only two songs off the upcoming Villains, otherwise a fair representation. I assume by the time they reach New York we will get more – B+

Roger Waters – Four songs off the newbie, three of em gotten rid of early,  and one Floyd masterpiece after another. This is a masterclass in setlist making – A


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