Chelsea Grin 'The Foolish One' Video Reviewed

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Just the word deathcore cracks me up.  What a dumbass name for a genre.  Where is the 'injurycore' or gapingwoundcore'.  Enough already.  It's hardcore and I don't care what you prefix it with its pretty much the same.  Hard screaming angry sweaty music for teenaged boys to sweat too and release the pent up aggression from inability to get laid and their bad grades.

So then, since I am not a teenaged boy why do I like this 'noise' so much?  I'm not sure but the sound of a proper scream can be liberating even to an old crow such as myself.  I'm not gonna get in their pit, I'd break a nail but I will stay safely at the wall and watch the show evolve.

Which brings us to Chelsea Grin, an 'American deathcore band from Utah'.  That statement alone sends me laughing again, deathcore in Utah- makes sense.

CG is a great band with a loyal and insanely passionate group of fans.  Their shows are intoxicatingly dangerous and powerful and unlike others they seem a bit more personable than most in their clan.  This video also shows that their primary form of communication with a camera is flipping the good ol' bird.  Can ya blame um? Theres nothing moer deliberate than flashing the ol 'fuck you' to the fans.

It's silly, they're wonderful. The flipping off of the cross has caused a stir, but I think its funny as well.  It's tough to act tough when you look ridiculous.  This video doesn't do them justice in the slightest but it does provide entertainment.  This band is going to get lost in a sea of crap unless someone somewhere gets them a bit more attention and breaks them out of their lamely titled genre.

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