Cheri Dahl Played The Delancey Friday Night: She Was Not Amused…

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I was at my best , but the crowd at it s worst, plus they ripped me off.

I am done ,done with these shit hole clubs.

I am writing a one woman show with my brother and will get a few backers ( I am sure) and find a theater n do it like a grown up .I am too old and bored to schmooze all those old has been never made it ,or maybe for a second' phoney fk heads down town.

The rock scene is dead and what is left are wanna be Max's n CB's jerks-who unlike me never played at either,and old fools.I am above that. You only heard my one song and maybe some shitty quality vid on utube-but my voice is an instrument that I have studied since 7 yrs old and unlike most I can actually read n write music.

So, fare fuckin well to all my old so called friends.

I will not go out of this world like a loser. When u finally get the chance to see me, u will hear that my voice is enormous and I never sing out of tune and there is no one, no one who can match me today. It is a fact. I am over being humble, gotten me nowhere. Now I understand why great singers have such attitudes-I think I will borrow some of that chutzpuh

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