Christmas Ornaments For Post Punk Rockers

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This is this time of the year again,… Christmas is upon us and I get the feeling it comes back faster and faster every year. Christmas is a real bad time for music lovers, the tunes on the radio become dull and repetitive as we get treated with the same old songs over and over to the point of overdosing each year on ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘White Christmas’.

But you don’t want to forget about music, this is essential to your living style and you certainly want to bring a bit of rock & roll in your Christmas tree? New York painter and illustrator Matthew Lineham (via Dangerous Mind) has the solution for you all, music lovers! He has designed brand new Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. These rubber die cut bendable ornaments, ‘A Very New Wave Christmas’, as he calls them, are between 3 and 4 inches high, and all inspired by your favorite punk-rock-new-wave-post-punk star.

These Christmas-ised rock icons are more or less obvious and if you don’t need any explanation for Nick Cave and Klaus Nomi cleverly transformed into respectively Saint Nick and Santa Klaus, or David Bowie as David Snowie (Bowie may have lost all sex appeal with that one!), or The Cure’s Robert Smith as Merry SmithMas riding a red nosed deer, you may need a bit more help for the other ones? Siouxsie Lou Who is Siouxsie Sioux in a Dr. Seuss’s classic, Snow Mozzer & Heat Mozzer is a double feature for Morrissey staring in the famous animated Christmas TV special, and Elfman on a shelfman is soundtrack god Danny Elfman in a children book with almost the same title. There is also Dev-O (DEVO’s hat reviewed as a Christmas tree), and Adam Ant as Antcracker.

Lineham was obviously victim of his success as the first run of ornaments sold out overnight! ‘I had no idea how popular these would be so I have now reordered a 2nd shipment of ornaments (arrival says Dec 20 – 22)’, he added. Each ornament will cost you between 10 and $15 or you can spend $50 for the entire set of nine, a real deal! They will be reusable each year without any doubt, and may be Lineham could grow his collection, as I am sure he could come up with some clever mash-ups with Joy Division/Joy to the World and obviously the Jesus and Mary Chain/anything he wants!

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