Chynna celebrates her astrological sign on new song “leo season”

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“leo season” track art

HEAR: “leo season” –
Today, Philadelphia’s Chynna Rogers is sharing a new song in celebration of her astrological sign. “leo season” is produced by 48th Street and sees Chynna putting on a lyrical exercise of the fire sign’s passionate and arrogant traits. The track’s artwork features Dali and Coco Chanel, who Chynna shares an August 19th birthday with and the song serves as an ode to all Leos with birthdays coming up. The song arrives in advance of Chynna performing at Fool’s Gold Day Off in New York City on August 11th alongside artists like Bbymutha, Sheck Wes, Yung Bans and more.
Hear “leo season” above, see below to read more about Chynna and stay tuned for more from Chynna Rogers coming soon.
About Chynna Rogers:
Chynna Rogers is rap’s high priestess. Signed to Ford models at age 14 and now 22, the Philly-born artist quickly developed a relationship with the A$AP Mob while traveling to NYC for modeling gigs. She grew especially close to ASAP Yams, whom she reached out to as a teenager via Twitter seeking his A&R mentorship. Instead, he encouraged Rodgers to pursue her own music. Tattoos like the Eye of Ra, an elaborate mandala, “wanderlust” in cursive script run along her arms. The letters “blk out grl” adorn her fingers – a nod to the ASAP Mob and A$AP Yams, who died in January. “I was the only girl, so that one is for Yams,” she notes.
The A$AP Mob member was right. Chynna’s penchant for matching moody atmospherics paired with deadpan, often brutally honest vocals demonstrates an often startlingly disturbing nonchalance equally comparable to 21 Savage or Marie Davidson. Citing broad influences that range from Gucci Mane to Britney Spears, Rogers has also utilized her keen eye for A&R to work with UK producers Hudson Mohawke and Darq E Freaker, both known for their experimental avant garde collaborations in hip hop music.
In 2015 Chynna released the Radiohead title-inspired I’m Not Here, This Isn’t Happening EP, following it up with last year’s Ninety, her ode to 90 days of sobriety from opiate addiction. Rogers’ ability to meld a myriad of art and culture reference points (the artwork for ‘Ninety’ stems from psych-heavy band Blue Oyster Cult, and multiple tracks from her prior EPs recall characters from Mean Girls) extends to her recurrent stint as a model, where she has recently worked on campaigns for both DKNY and VFILES. As a rapper she also isn’t shy to speak about her religious views as an actively practicing Buddhist, with a firm belief in the concept of “being reborn to help other people.”
Perhaps Chynna’s biggest draw is her committal to “love your dark parts too.” Recently one year sober, her music never loses its raw edge and immersive ambiance, synonymous with both a sprawling late afternoon smoke deep in Chinatown, or the beginning of the end of an afterparty, where anything is still possible, but what actually does happen becomes a story to tell. Surely, if anything does feel real, it’s Chynna, whose powerful transformative ability renders her as one of the most authentic new voices in rap today.


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