Citi Sound Vault: Sting, Beck, The Chainsmokers And Metallica Are All Playing The Palladium In February, But…

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These series of concerts sound so good but they also look so unfair,… Citi, the well-known finance company, has partnered with promoting giant Live Nation to promote the Citi Sound Vault. They have already launched the first series of concerts in Los Angeles during Grammy week at the Hollywood Palladium. This includes performances by Sting (Feb. 8-9), Beck (Feb. 10), the Chainsmokers (Feb. 11) and Metallica (Feb. 12)…. According to what is promised, this music platform will allow access to major artists – well, look at this list – in intimate venues – if you call the Palladium intimate, but I don’t! They also promise meet-and-greets and backstage access….

The big problem is that these concerts are reserved for Citi card holders. The tickets got on sale for $100 on Tuesday morning and I desperately tried to get a ticket for Beck, but of course they asked me for the first 6 digits of my Citi credit card or Citibank Debit MasterCard account number, and I don’t have one. It is also specified that there is no information available for a general public sale, which, I bet, won’t happen, as the shows are probably already sold out. I know the Metallica one already is.

‘For nearly a decade, Citi has been providing our cardmembers with incredible access to entertainment. Now, we’re excited to take it to the next level to bring cardmembers true once-in-a-lifetime experiences with some of the world’s biggest artists,’ said Jennifer Breithaupt, managing director, media, advertising and global entertainment for the finance group. ‘Citi Sound Vault brings our cardmembers access they will never forget.’

‘Citi Sound Vault epitomizes the work we strive to create for our partners by providing them with custom music experiences,’ said Darin Wolf, EVP Live Nation media & sponsorship. ‘The driving force behind developing the concept was to put Citi cardmembers at the epicenter of the most electrifying week in music and continue to build on that unparalleled fan access throughout the year and beyond.’

Don’t you want to apply for a Citi card suddenly? Beck and Metallica in the same week, why not? But I found this new trend dangerously undemocratic and corporatist. You have to be part of a bank to be able to buy a ticket for a concert? Where is the outrage? When did concerts start to begin to belong to financial corporations?… oh wait, this started a long time ago, but this new Citi Sound Vault makes things even more transparent. You have to belong to that special financial club, to buy a concert ticket: Sting, Beck, the Chainsmokers, Metallica are all playing for a credit card company. does this make them complete sell-outs? I already knew this about Sting, but Beck’s busking days in Silverlake coffee shops are definitively long gone.

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