Clairvoid Fest At The Bootleg, A Mini Festival To Benefit Education For Young Adults With Autism

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On August 27th, the Bootleg theater will be hosting a mini music festival, Clairvoid Fest, which will be a benefit show for Meristem, a school for young adults on the autistic spectrum. Clairvoid Fest, described as ‘a celebration of music and culture held in Los Angeles’ will be curated by Kate Clover, the singer and guitarist of the band’s ExSage, and it will feature ‘diverse acts that draw from the realm of music where the dark meets the light’

The lineup, an extension of the bi-monthly playlists arranged by Kate Clover, looks very interesting, as I have the chance to have already seen a few of the bands which have donated their time for the cause:

Punk band Dead Dawn, fronted by China Morbosa, always gives an intense, dark and creepy performance, partly inspired by Sid Vicious or Siousxsie and the Banshees. They have an apocalyptic vision, served by a punk-hardcore-doom-metal mix, and look like they are ready to cut people’s throats during the dark hours. The Tissues, fronted by the fierce and sexy Kristine Nevrose, scream some serious rage with abrupt outburst of anger and insubordination. When I saw her, Nevrose slayed the stage in a sexy black leather outfit, and she acted like a bitch while walking like a queen. Burning Palms, self-described as sweaty desert rats, draw their inspiration from post-punk music and American gothic literature, and I remember about tortured guitarist totally bent on his guitar during a furious set. If Band Aparte brought a lot of post-punk bands to mind, from the Cure to Depeche Mode, Joy Division, New Order, and even Nick Cave, it can’t be a bad thing! They are a black leather jacket guitar band which smells danger. I have never seen Cat Scan or Love Rites, but I am sure they will bring their own brand of sonic excitement between light and darkness, and of course, ExSage, a band I have seen a few times, will electrify the Bootleg with their outlaw bluesy Americana and stormy psychedelia.

Tickets are on sale here for only $12-15, and all proceeds will go towards funding the performing arts department at Meristem, a center for young adults on the Autistic spectrum, so this is definitively a must-attend event. Here is a Spotify playlist featuring all of the bands.


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